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Synonyms for crested

bearing an heraldic device

(of a bird or animal) having a usually ornamental tuft or process on the head

(of a knight's helmet) having a decorative plume


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In addition, with the number of crested ibis increasing, the population density of crested ibis in Yangxian County increased, leading to intensified intraspecific competition and an increase in the mortality rate (Ding and Liu, 2007).
With the number of crested ibis increasing, reintroduction projects have become part of a conservation strategy to save the species (Yu et al.
Chris Kopf is a Crested Butte real estate agent with Coldwell Banker's Bighorn Realty.
Chris is very active in the community and posts a monthly real estate market report on the Crested Butte and surrounding areas.
Great crested newts normally live on land but breed in ponds and pools.
PROTECTED: A male great crested newt and right, inset, the Kirklees Light Railway line seen from Strike Lane, part of the Skelmanthorpe Village Trail.
Crested Butte's claims involved MICROS' alleged fraudulent sale of computer software and related services.
Key funding for the open space preservation effort is being provided by Crested Butte Mountain Resort.
Trotter said the waste water treatment plant, which will become operational in Crested Butte in August will not only treat 100,000 gallons of waste water daily but will also function as a laboratory facility for testing water quality.