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of a moderate yellow-green color that is greener and deeper than moss green and yellower and darker than pea green

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The mine portal will be located in Cresson Township.
DISGRACED former European Commissioner and French prime minister Edith Cresson has escaped being punished by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for breaking European Commission behaviour standards by hiring her dentist and close friend as a personal advisor.
In 1982 he was awarded the Elliott Cresson Medal and a Life Fellow Membership from the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.
At press time, it is planning to hold a similar event at Mount Aloysius College in Cresson, PA, in November 2004, and is looking for other tentative university partners.
Hopefully our Bearded Braveheart, best known for jumpers such as Bold Classic, Judicious Captain, Monnaie Forte, Chevalier Errant and Fils De Cresson won't be absent from the scene for long.
By Charles Cresson Wood; published by Baseline Software, 800-929-99955 (phone), 713/523-6393 (fax); 727-page volume plus CD-ROM; $795.
Information Security Policies Made Easy, Version 9' is written by Charles Cresson Wood and priced at USD795.
In 2000, the Cresson Mine in Cripple Creek yielded 242,000 ounces of gold, sold at an average price of $279 per ounce.
Even in France they can boast Edith `All Englishmen are homosexual' Cresson (who perhaps resembles a battery chicken run riot in a black lace factory but still looks better than Theresa Gorman).
Elliott Cresson was the hardest working colonizationist in Philadelphia, and the leading activist in the Young Men's Colonization Society.
Having failed to complete her term as prime minister, Cresson delivered another dismal performance as commissioner; among other charges, she was accused of placing her dentist in control of a portion of EU funds.
Ex-EU President Jacques Santer faced allegations that Commissioners such as France's Edith Cresson were guilty of giving jobs to their close relatives.
Scatty French Commissioner Edith Cresson, condemned for giving a Euro job to her dentist, while giving the rest of us toothache, is still there.
And with France so closely involved because of the allegations against former Premier Edith Cresson, he feels Britain has a golden opportunity to reshape Europe for the future.
With France so closely involved because of allegations against ex-Premier Edith Cresson, he feels Britain has a golden opportunity to reshape Europe for the future.