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Antonyms for crescendo

(music) a gradual increase in loudness

grow louder

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gradually increasing in volume

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David Waldman, CEO of Crescendo Communications, said, 'We look forward to working closely with Blue Sphere to enhance communication and increase investor awareness about the Company's growing track record of developing and acquiring waste-to-energy projects that are supported by long-term power purchase agreements.
In Saturday's show, Crescendo will perform their own "showstopper" and then take on a group called Tring Park, made up of 17- and 18-year-olds in a riff-off to the theme of Trouble.
Which is partly why Crescendo Theatre Company was formed in the first place.
Crescendo Bioscience has been successful to date in developing a very promising product to meet a significant unmet clinical need," said William Hagstrom, president and Chief Executive Officer of Crescendo Bioscience.
The new study showed that swelling crescendos appear to induce moderate arousal while decrescendos induce relaxation.
The Crescendo collection includes five stems and two tumblers.
Para dar respuesta a esas necesidades, Dominion agrego a la empresa israeli, Crescendo Networks, con cuyo representante en el pais, Simitrio Rangel, director de Techsimark, buscaran llevar la vanguardia en la promocion y representacion del producto.
I like Teslin, but he is drawn in five, and there could be a bit of value to be had in Night Crescendo, who is on the comeback trail after a below-par effort last time out.
The organization is in chapters with topics such as dynamics (micro-dynamics), the crescendo, the kinetic aspect of musicality, and mind and body games we play in order to execute good balance and legato.
The second was Crescendo Corporation, which operated from 1997 through 2000.
There is something operatic in Martin Scorsese's approach to filmmaking -- crescendo upon crescendo, until there's an explosion.
America's Cup winning tactician Hugh Treharne has been involved in another major yachting victory in the US, playing a key role in the performance of the American yacht Crescendo and the Indian Harbour Yacht Club team in winning the prestigious Onion Patch Trophy.
The bird's unexpected responses to the instrument started the author on the investigation that reaches a crescendo here.
Powered by SpeechMagic from Philips Speech Recognition Systems, Crescendo Speech Processing includes specialized word vocabularies for medical specialties such as radiology and pathology.
The barre in my class has a crescendo that parallels the crescendo of jumps in the center and grand allegro.