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Antonyms for crescendo

(music) a gradual increase in loudness

grow louder

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gradually increasing in volume

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Three of Dvorak's Slavonic Dances were the hit of the night and the Tannhauser Overture possessed that essential tingle factor, superbly paced with crescendi of rich perfection.
The theme and first four variations are elegant and passionate but portrayal of the eight friends from 'RPA' to 'BGN', with exceptionally warm cellos, tender woodwind and sweetly-judged crescendi, and macho, heroic brass, is stunning.
From the most delicate of nuances obscured by lesser speakers -- and by lesser, I do not mean cheaper, necessarily -- to the loudest passages within symphonic crescendi, one's attention is immediately drawn to musical information that is suddenly clearer, and correctly so.
Despite Maazel's limp, almost lazy technique, there were crescendi to take your breath away, the most plangent woodwind phrases and an impressive Finnish fluency.
This fine projection was enhanced by conductor Alexey Shakura's firm rein on ensemble, not least in the mounting excitement of the composer's famous crescendi, and his judicious balancing of a delicate and refined orchestra.
Pedalling added subtle sustaining power and textural emphasis; repeats were sometimes made an octave higher, tootling away like organ registrations; articulation was sensitively responsive to subject-matter; and terraced dynamics were combined with spectacular crescendi and natural-sounding decoration to make telling structural points.