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nasua) presento 83% de sus registros concentrados en horas de plena luz del dia, pero tambien mostro algo de actividad crepuscular (11.
Her brooding thoughts are a snug fit for the foggy, crepuscular R and B sound championed by the seminal tunes of The Weeknd.
El autor defiende que nos encontramos en un estadio de transicion, por lo que nuestro tiempo ha de ser entendido como un mundo crepuscular que antecede a otro, del cual apenas llegamos a apreciar sus horizontes, y "en el que a usted y a mi nos costara reconocernos" (p.
Scent was collected from inflorescences using dynamic headspace methods (Raguso and Pellmyr, 1998) during five different time periods: three samples during the crepuscular morning period (approximately 0700-0900 CDT), five during mid to late morning (~1000-1200), seven during early to mid-afternoon (~1400-1600), six during the crepuscular evening period (~1930-2130), and five samples during a nocturnal evening period (~2200-2400).
Lions are primarily nocturnal, and very active in the evening and pre-dawn, being also crepuscular in nature.
Biologists know that deer are crepuscular, meaning that they move and feed primarily at low light (dawn and dusk).
Also, the once crepuscular red fox shows a preference for nocturnal hunting with presence occurring between 8 pm and 4 am (p-value = 0.
Tan grande fue el choque ante la metafisica crepuscular de Chirico que destruyo muchas obras que habia hecho hasta entonces.
Crepuscular lighting and looming, gloomy sound envelop promenading audiences seeking mysterious stories played out in labyrinthine corridors, crannies and curated spaces over four vast floors of a disused building.
For its part, James Turrell's luminous Wedgework V, 1974, creates a meditative space only rivalled in London by the crepuscular sanctuary of the Rothko room in nearby Tate Modern.
He is a crepuscular, meaning he's up for cuddling and play at dawn and dusk, and sleeps during the day.
En medio de la luz crepuscular, que como aceite se extiende de lleno sobre la puerta, circulan sin cesar todo tipo de personajes: un anciano con un sombrero de gasa de seda, una mujer turca con aretes de oro, o bien un caballo blanco adornado con una rienda hecha de hilos de colores.