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To determine the effect of the crepuscular and nighttime periods on weakfish movements, tracking occurred during and after sundown (1930 hours, 5 tracking events).
Nightjars are visually oriented crepuscular or nocturnal insectivores (Woods and Brigham 2008), so eggs are likely left unattended at dusk and dawn so adults can forage.
The final images of the film are again aerial views: Dark lines run out from the shore into the sea while crepuscular rays illuminate the island from above.
It is generally accepted that coyotes are crepuscular and nocturnal foragers, although they are known to be highly opportunistic in selection of prey and foraging time (Bekoff, 1977; Camenzind, 1978; Andelt, 1985; Gese and Bekoff, 2004).
For its part, James Turrell's luminous Wedgework V, 1974, creates a meditative space only rivalled in London by the crepuscular sanctuary of the Rothko room in nearby Tate Modern.
He is a crepuscular, meaning he's up for cuddling and play at dawn and dusk, and sleeps during the day.
The discussion of the Quixotic campaign of 'Uqba is a tour de force, and the analysis of Berber resistance to Arab expansion--even through the crepuscular gloom of the source materials--is still better.
Any time from mid-February through mid-April, we can expect to see signs of their crepuscular and nocturnal activity as hormone-wild, polygamous males become road kills with increasing frequency.
Deer are crepuscular, moving mostly at dawn and dusk, and big bucks are the most crepuscular.
We celebrate Yorkshire's strong choral tradition with the UK premiere of composer in residence Maja S K Ratkje's Crepuscular Hour- involving 72 singers from the University of Huddersfield, the Royal Northern College of Music Chamber Choir and The 24 from York.
After a short rattle along the coast on the local public transport, we have arrived in Rhodes Town as the steady burning of the summer sun starts to ease off a little and a softer, crepuscular light casts a pale crimson glow on the harbour waters.
Like other, similar studies, Lashley found that deer movements are largely crepuscular, regardless of moon phase or position.
They are elusive and crepuscular by nature, meaning they are active at dusk and dawn.
The Horrors @ Students' Union, Cardiff University (tonight) [bar] THESE crepuscular indie rockers from Southend-on-Sea, led by the indie-goth pipe-cleaner Travis Rotter, came in to their own with their last LP, Skying.
Feeding Ecology reveals interesting and sometimes surprising information about the diet of each animal, how it obtains food, seasonal variations in food intake, and whether feeding behavior is nocturnal, diurnal, crepuscular, or cathemeral.