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the sharp sound of snapping noises

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For a long time, doctors have told patients not to worry about crepitus if it doesn't hurt," says Grace Lo, an assistant professor at the Baylor College of Medicine.
Swelling in the neck, erythema, tenderness or crepitus can occur because of oropharyngeal or proximal oesophageal perforation.
6, had defined two distinct forms of scapulothorcic crepitus related to snapping scapula, the osseous form which is related to an bony pathology of the superomedial angle of the scapula such as an osteochondroma and the soft tissue form which is associated to inflammation of the bursa present around the superomedial angle of the scapula.
Mild swelling of the left carpus was noted, although no crepitus or joint laxity was palpable.
On physical examination, it is imperative to identify signs of potential laryngeal injury, including stridor, subcutaneous emphysema, hematoma, ecchymosis, laryngeal tenderness, vocal fold immobility, loss of thyroid cartilage prominence, and bony crepitus.
On dermatological and systemic examination the patient was healthy looking young female with palpable, yellowish white nodules in pulp of left thumb, index and middle finger and entire length of little finger, no joint swelling, tenderness, crepitus and stiffness, however reduced joint mobility due to bulbous nature of the lesions.
04), crepitus (or grating sounds or sensations; OR, 1.
Knee pain on most days of the last month is an important predictive symptom for all structural OA definitions," she said, adding that crepitus was an important sign of patellofemoral OA, and the feeling of giving way and joint line tenderness were important signs for tibiofemoral OA.
During the ward round the next day a pericardial friction rub was noted, but neck crepitus was not present.
In our case, post-TUR reabsorption syndrome and fluid overload or cardiac asthma were causes that had to be considered as part of the differential diagnosis, but no clinical signs were observed of cardiac overload or ventricular failure, or crepitus or jugular engorgement, and the X-ray taken in the immediate postoperative period was similar to the preoperative radiograph, with no findings of heart failure or acute pulmonary oedema; also important is the fact that the clinical manifestations resolved before the administration of furosemide.
Hallmarks of the physical exam include crepitus with joint motion, which is best felt by cupping one's hand over the entire anterior aspect of the knee while the patient moves the joint in extension and flexion; crepitus is most easily noted in patients with patellofemoral disease.
E o deus Crepitus quem lhes fara uma tisana no dia seguinte de suas cerimonias estupidas?
Palpation under sedation revealed crepitus at mid humerus.
On examination, he was hemodynamically stable; cervical subcutaneous emphysema was identified with crepitus on his neck and both shoulders.
Examination revealed a closed injury to the left shoulder girdle and localized pain over the lateral aspect of his clavicle, with associated tenderness and crepitus.