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  • verb

Synonyms for crepitate

to make a series of short, sharp noises

Synonyms for crepitate

make a crackling sound


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Independence will be a chimera, a catastrophic cherubic cacophony, a crepitating clattering confusion feeding the lenders' rapacious greed.
Looking back to Seattle with nostalgia and clearly losing touch, she agrees when Tyler Zip proposes to flood the floor with pages torn from old copies of Kafka's Metamorphosis and, woefully naked, climb into a bathtub crepitating with centipedes.
as happens with me at periods of electrical disturbance and crepitating lightnings, I had hallucinations.
Physical examination revealed swelling over distal left arm along with feeling of crepitating sound indicating fracture of radius.
Other signs included variable degree of fever, dullness, lameness, recumbency, loss of appetite, pain in affected quarter and crepitating sound at the site of emphysematous swelling.