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crepes flamed in a sweet orange-and-lemon flavored liqueur sauce

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The memory of subsisting on Wonder bread and fruit in lieu of "terrible" food at summer camp inspired New Yorker Nolan Studley to conceive an adult version of the sweet snack with Wonderful Crepes Suzette.
French cooking had just started to get popular then, so it was all prawn cocktails, coq au vin and crepes Suzette.
After enjoying another feast - and crepes suzette for pudding - we retired to the bar once more.
For dessert, crepes suzette, ice creams and the traditional coconut ran are sure-fire choices.
At the end, there is a glossary of French words, some notes on the pictures, and even a recipe for Crepes Suzette.
In his book, Food Encyclopedia Craig Claibourne reports, with some reluctance, that the legend of Crepes Suzette follows this poorly scripted path; famed restaurateur Henri Charpentier was once a young assistant waiter at the Cafe de Paris in Monte Carlo.
The bustle of a busy, popular joint and a menu filled with all those timeless classics like kidneys Turbigo, Coq Au Vin, Sole Bonne Femme and Crepes Suzette being flambeed tableside.
Jacques with sauteed scallops, tomato and sour cream, a savory buckwheat crepe Seguin with goat cheese and bacon, or even the flambeed crepes Suzette for much less than you'd spend on dinner.
On the dessert list, diners will find the very French crepes Suzette ($7), also premises-baked apple tart and apple cake ($5 each).
RB When a dish containing crepes suzette exploded on the hotplate.
And as dessert, there was a fair chance you'd be getting a taste of the exotic east with rum baba, perhaps France with crepes Suzette, or maybe Germany and that Mutti of all 70s desserts, the Black Forest gateau.
They also flambe at the table, making dishes such as Strawberry Romanov or Crepes Suzette.
Recently, La Frite added crepes Suzette to its menu.
You'll recognize bananas Foster (invented at Brennan's and named for the restaurant patron who invented Foster awnings), and crepes Suzette, but the crepes Swiss may be new to you.
Anyway, the item that really tickled me was how that delectable delicacy crepes suzette got its name - those beautiful, light, luscious pancakes flamed in brandy and orange juice at your table-side at the conclusion of some memorable meal.