crepe paper

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paper with a crinkled texture


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Crepe paper - Cut one-inch |wide strips of crepe paper in various colours.
As we age our body decreases its ability to produce its own natural oil, the oil that keeps our skin supple and crepe paper free.
Crepe paper used in the medical and building industries in Asia provides us interesting opportunities for growth in the area," says Jan Lang, president and CEO.
Wrap green crepe paper around them until they're covered.
On Wednesday, she reigned over a bustling scene beneath a covered outdoor play area at Mount Vernon Elementary School, where youngsters - nearly all of them of Mexican or Latin American heritage, and many of them native Spanish speakers - tried in earnest to replicate the exquisite, wax-coated crepe paper flowers that are the heart of Castellanoz's traditional art.
What isn't yours--the designs of crepe paper, dipped in water, frozen.
Wrap the longest crepe paper strips around the frame of your bike, taping down both ends.
FOR the past 500 years, itinerant gypsies have fashioned stunning fake flowers from candle wax, crepe paper and twigs.
With the loose delicacy of crepe paper wound around the spokes of a bicycle wheel, rings of color spiral out from each epicenter.
Walt Spanger's largely piecemeal scenery design favors discarded bric-a-brac and lots of crepe paper - all the better for shredding.
Smith of Arizona used a pencil and scissors to enlarge and reproduce the image using crepe paper.
Seven tissue and crepe paper products manufacturers and one national union (Petitioners) have joined together in formally charging China with "undercutting the United States industries through aggressive pricing tactics coupled with import surges that have severely injured the industries and workers.
Sewing with tape (sewing together with crepe paper, eventually with filler cord, to fill the small holes created by the needle).
Crepe paper, tissue paper, newspaper, wallpaper--if it weren't for the plethora of papers available, some of us would have hardly any art supplies at all.