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ornamental shrub from eastern India commonly planted in the southern United States

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A: Crepe Myrtle is a wonderful addition to our landscapes, and they can be found over most of the southeast U.
Q: I love blooming trees, but have some dogwoods that don't bloom, and three crepe myrtles that produce little or nothing.
Russikoff helped Associated Student Body members and Bolde as they toiled in the day's heat to plant the 14 liquidambar trees and four fuschia crepe myrtles.
Living in an older neighborhood where multi-story trees are the norm, my assortment of mature California sycamores, Aleppo pines, American peppers and Crepe Myrtles more than sufficed.
He stayed in the gardens business but began changing his approach, and in 1995 he moved out to the Hill Country, where his family-run company, Native American Seed, sells only seeds from plant species native to Texas and surrounding states, which are naturally equipped to survive the extremes of weather here - unlike the Japanese boxwoods and Pakistani crepe myrtles that he had once touted.
That row of crepe myrtles you thought would look nice near the pool might be trumped by smaller, less bushy plants.
Even crepe myrtles, which may persist for several decades or more, begin to lose their luster, in our environment, after a quarter century, more or less.
Chovan further enhanced the gated enclave's surroundings with more than 2,500 tropical plantings, from lush Washingtonian palms and sea grapes to flowering crepe myrtles, bougainvillea and hibiscus.
The bride's father proudly escorted her down a bridal pathway that featured a natural archway of crepe myrtles adorned with zinnias, pink hydrangeas, and ferns.
According to the survey, 30 percent of Texans surveyed statewide about their favorite way to spend the summer said it would make their day if they were given a free day with nothing on their schedule; followed by 19 percent who would become excited if they could watch their favorite Texas baseball team win a game; 15 percent would be happy if they could attend a free summer concert; followed by 11 percent going to the zoo (for free, naturally); and six percent of Texans would just enjoy watching the crepe myrtles bloom.
If you are looking for trees that do not carry allergenic pollen, consider ficus species (although their invasive roots are another problem), pines (which often become too big for an average-size yard) and crepe myrtles.
The old-town section of Clinton has received white crepe myrtles to improve its look and its health.
There were, in shades of pink--petunias, pentas, roses, hydrangeas, Crepe Myrtles, and jasmine, gardenias, magnolias, marigolds, and dahlias bordering the ceremony site.
Powdery mildew is commonly found on roses, euonymus shrubs, zinnias, cabbages, cucumbers, California sycamores and crepe myrtles.
Acorn Center Family Resource Center in Beaufort, where 67 azaleas will be planted among crepe myrtles and dogwoods at two residential communities for seniors.