crepe de Chine

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a very thin crepe of silk or silklike fabric

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The result is a collection of diaphanous dresses in bold colors and what she calls the "flower hue," a collage of over 200 nature images printed on silk crepe de Chine.
Elegant yet soft dresses in silk crepe de chine, chiffon and georgette's sitting alongside soft satins and printed silk jerseys.
The crepe de chine blouses probably cost between 5 [pounds sterling] and 6 [pounds sterling] each and would have been ordered in bulk, said a top staff uniform supplier.
Orientanspired butterfly prints highlight body-skimming, knee-length dresses, pillarbox-red printed jackets and crepe de chine shirts.
RIGHT Black leather mini trenchcoat, pounds 325, from selected Marks & Spencer branches (0171 935 4422); red crepe de chine shirt, pounds 39.
The tiny coats buttoned up to the neck worn over flaring crepe de chine or acetate skirts are meant to be a kind of upside-down suit look - the skirt flaring below, instead of the blouse and open lapels above, a Lagerfeld conceit that adoring clients can take any way they want.
In free-standing window treatments, sheers, laces and soft fabrics like crepe de chine and gauze were popular, particularly in tab-top constructions.
It is essential to learn to appear just as much at ease in one's dress suit in the presence of Royalty as one does in one's crepe de chine pyjamas in one's dressing room in the presence of a Persian cat.
The majority of the initial 25 styles are printed on natural fabrics such as silk chiffon, cotton silk voile, crepe de chine and cotton silk sateen.
Pack outfits with thick fabric that does not reveal any skin, and a big 'NO' to clingy material like crepe de chine or organza.
Her debut collection for Spring 2011, is made with luxurious fabrics such as crepe de chine, flat chiffon and georgette and exudes delicate femininity.
She wore a strapless graphite-colored silk crepe de chine gown accentuated at the waist by two rhinestone brooches, a gift from the bride.
The result is four looks for the band which incorporate lame, fine-striped and white silk evening jackets, black dress shirts with ruffles, Pop Art-style geometric prints, Crepe de Chine, denim, sheer black silk shirts, and lots of sequins used as highlights on everything from jacket backs to braces, and even as regimental-style stripes on the legs of jeans.