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crepes flamed in a sweet orange-and-lemon flavored liqueur sauce

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Cruising through nuclear-free skies on flatbeds while we stuff down roast beef and crepe suzette courtesy of the world's worst tax-dodging animals, toasting each other with champagne while we look down and say, 'Oh look, Farage is being whipped through Carlisle now' Fly Niven.
There were three desserts to choose from: Half the table opted for crepe suzette and the other half for crepe samurai.
Olive magazine readers voted 70s classic crepe suzette the dish that best symbolised French cuisine while the French said veal.
One was Crepe Suzette,the other's a crap floosette.
A Home Depot is great to get a cup of coffee and a doughnut at, but not the right environment for a crepe suzette," says Cooper.
The limited-time dishes on the festival menu include galette sebastien and crepe suzette which embrace traditional European flavors while galette marwan and crepe leila have been inspired by the tastes and textures from the region.
It was so up-market they cooked your crepe suzette at your table.
xx xxxxxxxx CREPE SUZETTE For the pancakes, whisk flour into the eggs until elastic and lump-free.
If you want to push the boat out, order the Homard au Champage - lobster in Champagne sauce - and end with the deservedly acclaimed Crepe Suzette with Vanille-Amarillo ice cream.
For the next task we had to make crepe suzette, but I didn't have a clue.
Written by Ginette Mathiot it contains 1,400 traditional French recipes from lobster bisque to tarte tatin and crepe suzette.
Our meal was superb, and we watched along with impressed fellow diners, as a crepe suzette was flamboyantly (should that be flambe-ently?
Crepe Suzette divides itself into an informal cafe with outdoor seating that's open early to late and a more formal restaurant open only for dinner.
A steamed pineapple and sponge cake with custard was so full of ginger, even my sweet-toothed chum couldn't manage it (she said it was burning her mouth) and my crepe suzette was a combination of stodgy batter pancakes and bitter orange and lemon sauce, which I couldn't finish either.
3OF THE BESTMEALS 1: CREPE SUZETTE at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.