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desert shrub of southwestern United States and New Mexico having persistent resinous aromatic foliage and small yellow flowers

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If you're walking through the desert and looking at creosote bushes and some tamarack and some sage - they're all different and discrete.
With Douglas firs in short supply, creosote bushes and yucca are worthy stand-ins for the annual holiday competition.
Topouzoglou's home is about 1 1/2 miles from the nearest paved road, in a desert where creosote bushes and desert washes hide isolated trailers and beat-up homes.
A military POW-MIA investigation team spent a month excavating among the sagebrush and creosote bushes about 1 1/2 mile west of Mojave, where the shallow craters and bits of broken airplane parts left by the four-engine B-24 bomber's impact were disguised by regrown vegetation and years of trash dumping.
A sheriff's helicopter crew searched Tuesday night after the man's wife reported him missing, but the 22-foot-long plane's wreckage wasn't spotted among the creosote bushes and sagebrush until after the sun came up Tuesday.
Set among the creosote bushes and dry lake beds of the High Desert, 150 miles north of Los Angeles, China Lake was created during World War II to test Navy rockets and expanded during the Cold War.
3 million acres covered by ancient creosote bushes, rugged volcanic mountains and playas with property owners' rights to build homes and businesses.
The property sits on a gently rolling desert plain, surrounded by miles of creosote bushes and sagebrush, the San Gabriel Mountains rising 15 miles away.
His investigation took him to a trailer surrounded by Joshua trees and creosote bushes in the desert about eight miles from Lake Los Angeles.
The area was selected for preservation because of its Joshua trees, California junipers and creosote bushes.