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Synonyms for creosote

a colorless or yellowish oily liquid obtained by distillation of wood tar

a dark oily liquid obtained by distillation of coal tar

treat with creosote

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Creosote has a long history of successful use as a wood preservative, but polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in this preservative have raised environmental concerns, particularly when creosote-treated wood is used in aquatic environments.
But we haven't used them for surfaces where people are likely to sit or walk because the creosote tends to sweat out on hot days.
CCA leaches out of wood at a slower rate than creosote does, but it discharges traces of arsenic, a particularly insidious carcinogen.
3 million pounds of creosote from a four-acre Superfund site in Visalia, California, between June 1997 and November 1999.
Both the Wood Heating Alliance and the National Fire Protection Agency say that, though some manufacturers claim otherwise, these products can only reduce the amount of creosote a fire produces, not eliminate it.
Recent Industry Activity II-28 Arch Chemicals Acquires Koppers-Arch II-28 Rohm and Haas Company and Chemical Specialties Form Joint Venture II-28 Robbins Wood Preserving and Manufacturing Company Acquires Pine Wood Products II-28 Greenstone Holdings Enters into 5-year Agreement with Bay Tree Technologies to Supply Green Shield Chemical II-29 KMG Chemicals Expands Pentachlorophenol Plant Production Capacity II-29 KMG Chemicals Purchases PCP Assets of Occidental Chemical II-29 KMG Chemicals Acquires Creosote Business of Trenton II-29
Procurement Delivery of Normal Sleepers of Wood Impregnated with Creosote Ecological Type C
Instead of these gases attaching themselves to the walls of a chimney and turning into glaze creosote -- a highly flammable coating -- ACS catalyzes them into a very fine brown ash that is easily cleaned with chimney brushes.
Creosote is a black, oily substance that sticks to the walls of the chimney, created when burning wood.
TEESSIDE is once again throwing its arms open for the much travelled songwriter KING CREOSOTE.
Top off, 70s shorts on like Kevin Keegan from Superstars, slapping creosote all over the place as the cruel sun burns down on his suntan lotion-free body.
Topouzoglou's home is about 1 1/2 miles from the nearest paved road, in a desert where creosote bushes and desert washes hide isolated trailers and beat-up homes.
King Creosote is a man who gives hope to the downtrodden idealists of the world.
At this One In Four charity show, the more pedestrian Red Well and the curiously-voiced Gummi Bako were entertaining, while the almost unearthly vocals of solo siren HMS Ginafore and the superb folk harmonies of UNPOC - assisted by James Yorkston on guitar and King Creosote bashing a barstool with a pair of drumsticks - were worth the admission alone.
This paper contains a review of the literature related to vaporization of organic wood preservatives, pentachlorophenol and creosote from treated samples of lumber.