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This tale is recorded in a creolised visual language (the vase form being Western) in a series called The Hedgehog Vases (1992), each about 40 cm high.
In conclusion, Mthombeni's work makes use of a creolised art language in order to express both past and present.
Cape Verde and Sao Tome e Principe are good examples of creolised tropical islands, the latter a classic plantation colony.
In Jamaica, for instance, as Beryl Loftman Bailey reveals, "Good breeding and a sound education invariably result in the renunciation of creolised speech," because the "retention of Creole speech or admission of one's ability to speak it (except, of course, for stage effect) is condemned and may well spell disaster for the adherent" (Bailey, 2).
Conversely, though, as I aim to show, it is possible to trace how the intimacies of women's friendships forged across the colonial and neo- colonial divide might also give rise to more subversive creolised or hybrid domestic arrangements and enable child rearing practices that destabilise established power relationships, unravel racial categories, and disrupt 'imperial rule'.
And lastly a skewed literary practice that focuses attention away from the intrinsic stylistics of African writing has been created--a literary practice that is polyglot, hybridised and creolised (Hannerz 1997) in nature, and not
The archaeology of the interior of French colonial Louisiana has been comparatively neglected and with it some surprising material aspects of a creolised frontier society.
In South Africa, the creolised community that arose given similar circumstances was, in Mohamed Adhikari's assessment, three broad historical paradigms which account for the construction of Coloured identities: the essentialist, instrumentalist and the social constructionism schools of thought.
Creolised bodies and hybrid identities: examining the early Roman period in Essex and Hertfordshire (British Archaeological Reports British Series 418).
As Afrika occupied so many interstitial positions, being ethnically creolised, and at home speaking in English or Kaaps, the "coloured" dialect of Afrikaans, it is unsurprising that his treatment of sexuality was also complex.
Combined with the lithic and faunal evidence that attest to deeply rooted continuity over the period of site use, it is suggested that these hybrid ceramics are the product of the existing hunter-gathering community who were slowly and intermittently appropriating and adapting the trappings of the farming lifestyle, including its material cultures, resulting in a creolised ceramic unique to the region.
Mda's creolised, playful and satirical answer to the enforcement of racial categories in the past is to fragment and muddle as many human categories as possible, thus suggesting that identity is in fact complex, unpredictable, and not as the practice of apartheid suggested, related to mere surface appearances.
Landscapes throughout the African diaspora were encoded with meaning--with knowledge of family and life strategies--and were encoded with signs, or hidden transcripts, that recognised the mystical nature of the world, the immanence of the other world in this one, and the tie to creolised African traditions of spirituality.
From the rim, empires write back: questions of belonging and nonbelonging, or migration and exile, have creolised speech and experience, and provoked Rushdie's response to Steiner who complained that literary energy was being generated not in the metropolis but on the far rim: "What does it matter .
In this section, then, I explore the usefulness of creolised identities in these two areas of interest.