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Nunez uses the trope of Obeah to reveal the in-between, chaotic, creolised culture of the Caribbean, as this phenomenon (and its place) originated in and speaks to conflict, a conflict that tends "to speak of incoherence, fracture, dislocation and marginality" (Griffith 3).
Charting these 'economies of emotion' (Bell 1987: 260) at a micro-historical level from the time of federation into the 21st century, allows us to consider and navigate alternative routes the Australian nation might have taken as it attempted to leave behind its colonial past, arguably shaping a different, perhaps a more distinctly bicultural or creolised, present.
Indeed, what some might perceive as 'settler' cultural spaces and social formations were in fact creolised, existing differently in each world.
It affords insight into ways in which creolised spaces transmitted through gendered spaces of intimacy, friendship and the familial carry new possibilities for cross-cultural engagement and anti-colonialist change in the present.
The particular way in which elements are manipulated can be regarded as utilising a new creolised art language.
This tale is recorded in a creolised visual language (the vase form being Western) in a series called The Hedgehog Vases (1992), each about 40 cm high.
Creolised, he became a revolutionary, returned to England, only to be arrested at Oakley Arms tavern at a meeting of workingmen in 1802 for his efforts to overthrow the monarchy and bring in a republic.
Cape Verde and Sao Tome e Principe are good examples of creolised tropical islands, the latter a classic plantation colony.
Apart from the strategic manoeuvrings effected by Mary Prince in the culturally incommensurable spaces of the creolised West Indies, her text can also be read 'otherwise' in terms of those undoing ambivalences in colonial discursive and administrative authority.
However, what is exemplified here is the incommensurability of the creolised social context enacting the shifting grounds of colonial relations and the potential for disruption of colonial authority.