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having a margin with small rounded teeth


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Left valve with two crenulated cardinal teeth very close together, and two thick lateral teeth (only the anterior part preserved).
micranodus in having both inner and outer mandibular barbels crenulated (vs.
56; whorls strongly convex with a slight indentation below suture, and a fairly deep suture, crenulated by rib terminations, base of last whorl only slightly constricted at top of rostrum; rostrum narrow, flat-sided, without a fasciole; aperture narrowly elliptical, more or less linear, constricted at siphonal canal, which is more or less parallel-sided, its termination oblique, shallowly indented in dorsal view; columella straight.
2L) are interpreted as coming from the dorsal side of the fish, with the medial ridge being finely crenulated by short ridgelets anteriorly and laterally.
The new diagnosis also describes the shape of setae, which can be crenulated, barbulate or palmate.
Diagnosis: The body is elongate and the caruncle is much longer than wide with a smooth dorsum which overlaps its crenulated lateral surface.
Thoracic neuropodia bearing crenulated capillaries and hooks arranged in one or more rows; abdominal furcate and flailed notochaetae present or absent.
Lingually, the enamel is rough at outer side perhaps due to weathering whereas it is crenulated at the inner side.
The house, 'Lowlands', is approached via large stone pillars with wrought iron decorative gates and a high stone crenulated wall to the front boundary.
Styled like a red-coloured castle with six crenulated towers, it opened to public in 1903.
The frontoparietal suture is located in the middle of the intertemporal bar, and it is straight, crenulated and enters the supratemporal fenestra on its anteromedial margin.
Crenulation and crenulated cleavages in the rock are defined by biotite with alternating aligned quartz rich Q-domain.
4) Membranous fat necrosis, referring to pseudocystic cavities lined by crenulated hyaline membranes, is also nonspecific but tends to occur more frequently in traumatic/factitial panniculitis compared with other neutrophilic panniculitides.