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having a margin with small rounded teeth


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It includes bent ends of bones, puncture marks, superficial linear marks, peeling, crenulated ends and double arch punctures on the chewed edge.
Paul telling us how they ended up with the white, crenulated covers.
The head and tail of the light are crenulated which is a fancy word for lots of dips and edge like things.
And the crenulated exterior makes a striking fashion statement for $15,600.
The internal grain boundaries are crenulated or sutured.
The expandable nail concept, consisting of a crenulated, metal cylindrical shell that expands in diameter when pressurized with saline (~1000 psi), has been used for intramedullary nail fixation of upper and lower extremity fractures.
In 1941 he wrote a scathing review of the mock-Tudor shops of Toorak village, in which he lamented how 'pleasant buildings' had been scrapped to make way for a 'maudlin riot of half timbered, crenulated erections'.
At Ysios, now under the control of Pernod Ricard, the winery has a wavy crenulated aluminium roof, with a cathedral like centrefold, making a dramatic contrast to the surrounding vineyards and the Sierra Cantabria backdrop.
entire, rhombohedral, crenulated margin; venation pinnate; reduplicate.
The corpus luteum is a normal postovulation structure that is characteristically seen as a well-vascularized lesion with crenulated walls (Figure 6).
Bone from the kill sites was characterised by 'some furrowing, relatively common puncture marks and some crenulated edges, with pitting and scoring being much less common' (Binford 1981: 48).
The bottom four threads on screw D are approximately square-shaped while on screw G the threads are crenulated or flower shaped; micrographs of these are shown at x20 magnification in Figure 1.