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having a margin with small rounded teeth


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Similar to female but antenna with 34 segments and precoxal sulcus distinctly crenulate.
Mesonotum with central portion slightly raised, rounded and set with a pair or cluster of crenulate transverse carinae, wart-like struma, [+ or -] prominent crenulate or dentate lobes or long spiniform processes, some of which may be bifid.
disc dark red, epruinose, thalline margin poorly developed, thin, entire, smooth to weakly crenulate.
Fruiting perianth with corolla 9-14 mm long, cup-shaped, deeply crenate, brown setose in the distal part; staminodial ring shaped as a regular disk, minutely crenulate, 5-8 mm long; calyx 3-9 mm long, glabrous, divided in 3-5 lobes, limb usually ivory-white, brown distally.
2, 4): all coxae finely granular or shagreened; coxae II-III with granular anterior carinae; coxa IV with granular or crenulate anterior and posterior carinae; sternum triangular, coarsely granular, with deep median longitudinal sulcus; genital opercula granular on lateral surfaces, smooth medially.
It is compared with Thompsonella platyphylla Rose, which seems to be the closest related species and can be distinguished by its large inflorescences up to 1 m high, with compact cincinni of up to 10 flowers and by having leaves with red and crenulate margins.
There is an approximately circular anal flap on the posterior-dorsal margin of the scaphe (Figure 1c); the anal flap has a crenulate margin, and its upper side has an anal cirrus, which is conspicuous and located approximately at the center.
The typically lobate and crenulate chalcedony fluoresces bright green under ultraviolet light, and is particularly attractive for the mineral.
Pronotal disc with shallow, small punctures regularly separated and distributed on disc, but less dense near posterior half of midline; lateral margins obtusely angled, widest just behind middle, lateral marginal bead irregularly crenulate, with long, slender setae; anterior marginal bead without setae; anterior angles obtuse, not prominent; posterior angles widely obtuse, rounded.
Description (after Ahti 2000): Primary thallus persistent, consisting of crenulate esorediate squamules, 1-2 mm wide.
Pronotum broader than longer, sides crenulate, rounde d, hind an gles br oadly truncated, disc with deep and fine puncture, around sides feebly punctured with hard, suberrect vestiture, propleurae with depression for accomoding the anterior tarsi, base of prosternal spine with deep concavity; scutellum lobulate to subrectangular, medially keeled with dense hard vestiture; elytra widest at middle, gradually narrower behind, strial margin with grooved, interstriae with rows of hard, erect vestiture, apices rounded to truncated.
5-4 mm, free, entire, rose, inconspicuously and sparsely pilose-glandulose, the posterior ones alatecarinate, the anterior one carinate at least at base; petals narrowly subspatulate, apex rounded and slightly emarginated to remotely apiculate, 15-16 x 4 mm, free, white, at anthesis erect except for the subspreading distal portion, bearing 2 laminate, cupulate, obtuse, irregularly crenulate, upwardly to downwardly oriented appendages 5-6 mm above the base, as well as 2 conspicuous longitudinal callosities slightly shorter than the anthers; filaments terete, white, the antepetalous ca.
The upper ends of the ribs weakly crenulate the suture.