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Synonyms for crenulate

having a margin with small rounded teeth


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5-1 diameters; lateral borders strongly angulate, lateral marginal bead crenulate, with long, curved setae; basal bead indicated by punctures on most of it extension; anterior angles obtuse, slightly prominent; posterior angles obtuse, clearly prominent.
88X MH; pronotal collar (n = 17) usually smooth or weakly coriaceous anteriorly with posterior furrow partially or completely crenulate to rugulose (88.
1 mm, entire or the apex microscopically crenulate, emarginate and inconspicuously apiculate, ecarinate, white, densely whitelanate; petals sublinear, 22-24 x 6 mm, erect at anthesis, white, apex obtuse-cucullate, emarginate, bearing at base 2 asymmetrical, broadly obovate-spatulate, crenulate appendages, 2-2.
First proposition of previous without number disjunctive, without modification] Aleurodaphis blumeae --Body not flattened, segments not fused, no crenulate margin of wax glands.
Ventral submedian carinae on I vestigial, smooth; on II vestigial and smooth basally, weak and faintly serrate on distal third; on III weak, smooth basally, serrate on distal half; on IV moderately strong, crenulate to serrate.
Irregularly and smoothly crenulate, 15-16 crenulations in 0.
2 mm wide at apex; stigma conduplicate-spiral, capitate, slightly shorter than the anthers, white, blades crenulate.
Vagina very long and slender with muscular wall; attached laterally to body wall by a well-developed series of muscle fibres; merges with free oviduct at origin of bursa copulatrix duct; interior wall of vagina with weakly crenulate, longitudinal ridges.