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a rampart built around the top of a castle with regular gaps for firing arrows or guns

the action of constructing ramparts with gaps for firing guns or arrows


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The original height of the wall curtain and its towers are of course virtually impossible to ascertain, but the clay models provide some clues as to the ratio between height and width of the towers and the form and placing of windows, crenellations, beam heads, and horizontal ledges.
While impressive on aerial photographs, this trench was not well sited, being overlooked in places by higher ground--though its crenellations offered protection against enfilade and direct blast.
Although the original Fatimid minarets have succumbed to time, luckily the minarets maintain their Mamluk crenellations.
Our accommodation was in a small Jacobean mansion, Winder Hall, at Low Lorton, complete with crenellations and mullioned windows (but elegantly modern bathrooms).
In a film set in medieval times, the castle behind the actors would offer such identifiers as a moat and drawbridge, maybe crenellations and a turret--all packed within the frame of the picture.
From behind the concrete crenellations of the Green Zone, Americans watched glumly as their enemy was given the opportunity to launch more tirades against the Great Satan in Washington and call for the pullout of U.
So, over the years, I have continuously tried to understand and interpret the fortune, and have come to the conclusion that, in his wisdom (and assuming he actually said it), Confucius was describing leadership as a personal journey, a kind of intellectual ziggurat from whose crenellations we must observe our surroundings and make decisions for which we are singularly responsible.
It is a phantasmagoria of towers, crenellations, gothic details and multi-coloured pantiles, soaring over the concrete urbanity of the modern-day settlement.
A wedding cake," reporter Douglas Saunders enthused in 1998, "of gothic delights--spires, scowling gargoyles, crenellations, reliefs depicting readers and scribes, all done in terracotta tiling--covers one of Canada's earliest steel-girder buildings.
Today, modern roads snake through the mountains to the most remote villages, schools are everywhere, health care is among the best in the world, and Muscat gleams with elegant white buildings with a style which borrows from India as well as from the crenellations and battlements of Oman's own ancient forts.
But there is no doubting the theme at Bunkers Hill House, notable at first glance for its big quatrefoil motifs within the stonework and the dramatic crenellations.
fibrous crenellations of the reef, which if you look close are formed
The weeping of crenellations, the smile and the vine,
The historic town, once famous for its shoe-making industries, is dominated by a massive mediaeval fortress, complete with crenellations and 13 immense towers which rank amongst the largest in Europe.