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a rampart built around the top of a castle with regular gaps for firing arrows or guns

the action of constructing ramparts with gaps for firing guns or arrows


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The original height of the wall curtain and its towers are of course virtually impossible to ascertain, but the clay models provide some clues as to the ratio between height and width of the towers and the form and placing of windows, crenellations, beam heads, and horizontal ledges.
It's terraced into the side of a hill with wonderful hidden walkways, a nature trail that follows an old railway line, ponds, waterfalls, bandstand, play area and fantasy crenellations to fire the imagination.
But Macadamia Castle - however bizarre-looking it is with its Disneylike crenellations, served a double purpose, with one of the best gift shops of any attraction I've ever visited.
Each of its 15-by-15-foot buildings had whitewashed, castle-like walls complete with crenellations and turrets.
The main species-specific difference of the new species is that ramifications are large, massive, and densely and evenly distributed along the whole length of the flanks of marginal crenellations.
As if to say, when death comes, the sun will seem a broken yolk, everything out of sync, the ribs of a cow poking through her skin like tiny arrows, crenellations black as rotten teeth, the trees, tall as towers, marching, unless you make of shape and edge and fog a filter for death's blazing sentence, whereby the cow dissolves to river as she drinks, and the mirrored castle shrinks almost to cow-size, and all the yellows, smudging grass, edging clouds, shining water, seep and blur with blue-black sky and river, and siege-wracked castle walls, till land and air and creatures all burn bright with more and less than all.
The dark red and purple crenellations surrounding the vagina acted as a frame for a perfectly round hole .
As various studies have indicated, the basic design of the house also echoes earlier buildings--from the crenellations on the outside to the replica, so detested by Ruskin, of Rosslyn Chapel in the ceiling of the library.
You don't get crenellations, arrow slits, and dungeons as you do in medieval castles.
The castle is rich in history and but you don't get crenellations, arrow slits, and dungeons as you do in medieval castles.
Critical reviews have however concentrated upon the European features of Martin's architecture, in particular their design as stand-alone buildings with handsome exteriors, displaying Greco-Roman influence in their pediments, columns, statuary and crenellations.
From the outside this Elizabethan gatehouse looks like a toy castle with turrets and crenellations - one turret holds bunks for your aspiring young knights or princesses.
The exterior facades of the building are strikingly crowned by crenellations composed of distinctive forms resembling children holding their hands together.
Towers flank the entry and are topped with crenellations that project strength and security.