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a rampart built around the top of a castle with regular gaps for firing arrows or guns

the action of constructing ramparts with gaps for firing guns or arrows


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The lens is tempered glass, the body is CNC-machined 6061 aluminum Type III hardcoat anodized, and the removable crenellated strike bezel is stainless.
In fact, it most resembles a grounded stealth bomber--all sleek folds and vents, static form implying motion--with crenellated fins rippling across its surface.
FOR MILLENNIA, THE MEDITERRANEAN Sea has been the battleground of empires where epoch-making sea battles along its crenellated coast changed the course of history, where Islam and Christianity fought a ferocious war for supremacy.
The Mug is made from aluminum and has a crenellated base perfect for smashing in some zombie skull.
All coins within the range feature the crenellated edge particular to Britannia coins.
The property is approached via large stone pillars with wrought-iron decorative gates and a high, stone, crenellated wall to the front.
From within its tall, crenellated walls, Al-Azhar's sheikhs spent more than 1,000 years studying Islam's holy texts and interpreting their meaning for the faithful, building an authority unrivalled in the Muslim world.
At 510 Amsterdam Avenue the palette is brushed steel, crenellated aluminum and polished concrete.
Eichhorn took in the view of the crenellated walls ringing the Old City.
Man-made changes to what were wild stretches of the river tamed its course, shifting the flow so significantly you can almost touch a crenellated battlement or the walls of an ancient monastery as you cruise along.
The conventional idea that a castle is defined by its external features, its impenetrability and invincibility--with its moats and bow-and-arrow-slit windows, its crenellated flat roofs for defending soldiers while they attack with cannon and burning-oil, its towers for surveillance--is here overturned or, rather, turned inside-out.
At Cairo's citadel, a spectacular mediaeval fortress of crenellated towers built to fortify the city against Crusaders and which towers over Egypt's capital, patriotic student volunteers were cleaning ramparts and painting its hand-rails.
We heard this account as we stood at the top of Nann Myint Tower, a thirteen-storey structure that looms above the surrounding terrain, its sleek central cylinder capped with a traditionally crenellated five-tiered roof.
Grady and Simonds prove particularly adept at describing the landscape and the environment (Grady has written a number of books on environmental issues and the natural world): "We drive between red canyon walls that loom above us, looking almost sculpted in the way their crenellated tops resemble chimneys and battlements, their crowns and lower talus approaches fringed with evergreens.
Available in 12 configurations, it can be fitted with a choice of a standard or crenellated (strike) bezel, a 2-or3-cell body and a choice of three tailcaps, including a high/low tailcap that provides a 15-lumen navigational beam in addition to the 235-lumen tactical beam.