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supply with battlements

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Commissioned by Sir William de Clinton - the licence to crenellate is 1346 - the moated fortified manor house had been badly-run down during the 20th century by the depredations of its use in both world wars.
In October 1385, Edward Dallingridge had secured a licence to crenellate from the king entitling him to 'strengthen with a wall of stone .
Sir William de Caverswall found them useful as the natural source of his moat and won his licence to crenellate the manor house in 1275, building the keep within the bailey.
Knowing his architectural history, he requested the royal go-ahead to crenellate, or fortify, the house, traditionally a right only in the gift of the monarch.
A previous house on the same site was dismantled in the Civil War and prior to that was a medieval, fortified house, awarded a license to crenellate in 1308.
In the year of Ralph's death, the property had been granted a licence to crenellate - add defensive battlements.
Parliament couldn't have met in the castle because Robert Burnell wasn't given a licence to crenellate until 1284," points out Mrs Harvey, who lives in what was the village's 19th Roman Catholic school.