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having a margin with rounded scallops

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The calcification is often serpiginous and peripheral, having the appearance of a decompressed or crenated lesion.
It is often difficult if not impossible to distinguish between SAH and TLP (1, 2) by available CSF tests such as (a) measurement of xanthochromia of the supernatant after centrifugation, (b) counting of erythrocytes in the first and last tubes of collected CSF, or (c) searching of CSF microscopically for crenated erythrocytes (3-5).
Occasional neurons or groups of neurons were crenated and darkly stained.
Q: What, if anything, is the significance of crenated red cells in the urine?
A: Crenated red blood cells in the urine have the same significance as RBCs that are not crenated.