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having a margin with rounded scallops

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Crenated erythrocytes can also resemble acanthocytes that are associated with certain lipid disorders.
A urinalysis showed 10 to 15 crenated RBCs/ high-power field, with an albumin level of greater than 1.
Dead eggs were considered those with an opaque, crenated, or lysed chorion, and embryos with obvious discoloration diagnosed as a shift from the typical deep red color to pale orange and yellow.
Miscarriage--Enlarged body of the uterus, crenated gestational sac, no embryo or yolk sac, open internal os, no peri-trophoblastic flow, positive sliding sign.
In addition, the vast majority of erythrocytes in the sample were also crenated (abnormally shaped, echinocytes, or burr cells, Fig.
27,28) A passing gestational sac has a crenated or elongated appearance with no embryonic cardiac activity (Figure 12).
Degenerate sporoblasts and spores appear crenated (Figure 2, panel B).