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having a margin with rounded scallops

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Its anterior, posterior, and lateral fields are well defined; lateral fields are short, the anterior margin is crenate, the circuli are distinct and just slightly wavy, and their course is interrupted by well-expressed radii.
Fergany Mohamed; Screening Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) for Resistance to Crenate Broomrape (Orobanche crenata Forsk.
6 cm), the blades curled back and slightly crenate.
The tripartite flower, crenate or dentate leaves and long, curved stem are closely replicated, and in two cases the flowers are shown in pairs symmetrically flanking a central object (Pottier 1984: figure 20.
Pinnules or segments (at least proximal ones) crenate to lobed; basal pinnae usually inequilateral 6.
Socratea has four to seven cataphylls, and the eophyll is bifid, with pinnate venation, nonconvergent longitudinal veins, and crenate apex.
Carapace in dorsal view elongated oval, slightly constricted at level of cervical groove; sides behind cervical groove distinctly crenate, with four lobes beside coxae; posterior part of carapace drawn into tubular extension (Fig.
6 mm long, 4- or 5-celled, acicular, ascending to strigose, light brown; basal basiscopic pinnules of medial pinnae not enlarged or overlapping the lamina rachis, crenate to lobate, the proximal ones soon becoming adnate to the pinna rachis; costules abaxially eglandular, sparsely pubescent, sparsely scaly, the hairs like those of the pinna rachises adaxially, the scales ca.
the latter as either singly or doubly crenate unnecessarily biases
This naturalized species is readily distinguished from the endemic species by its usually glabrous blades (sometimes with a few scattered hairs) with crenate pinnae margins (entire margins in aquatic forms) (Jacona and Johnson, 2006), in contrast with the glabrous blades and slightly denticulate pinnae margins of M.
Leaves were low rank, were ovate with a rounded and crenate apex, had a decurrent base with three distinct veins in the petiole, and had reticulate, palinactinodromous primary venation.
6 mm wide, basally sursumcurrent, margins entire to slightly crenate (when fertile), slightly auriculate acroscopically, little dilated basiscopically, and with apices rounded.