creme de menthe

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sweet green or white mint-flavored liqueur

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Here are some other Christmas drinks: Candy Cane Shooter 1/2oz grenadine 1/2oz creme de menthe 1/2oz peppermint schnapps Layer in that order in a cordial or shooter glass.
She creates her confections in a larger catering kitchen down on the South Trail, which is where we caught up with her as she hand-rolled that day's truffles: creme de menthe white chocolate, balsamic strawberry dark chocolate and, her signature truffle, a toasted s'mores ganache featuring her from-scratch marshmallows.
There's the Grasshopper (brandy with creme de menthe and creme de cacao), the Brandy Alexander (brandy and creme de cocoa with cream), the Brandy Alexander with Chocolate Chip, and the Pink Squirrel (brandy, amaretto and creme de cocoa with cream).
The Humbug is made with White Creme de Menthe, caramel syrup and Teichenne Butterscotch liqueur.
For the creme de menthe mousse: In bowl of electric mixer filled with
The grasshopper pie was inspired by some dessert she saw on an American TV programme (and the fact she liked Creme de Menthe as a kid); the spatchcock poussin and sourdough croutons on something she'd scoffed in San Francisco; the Korean calimari on her love of oriental supermarkets; and the spaghetti with Marmite on a recipe developed by one of her favourite chefs.
Guests can select from world favorites like Vanilla and Mint Chocolate Chip, as well as popular local flavors like Popping Shower (white chocolate and creme de menthe flavor with "pop rock" inclusions), Matcha (green tea flavor) and Musk Melon.
The creme de menthe makes the lime look greener, the campari adds extra red colour to the ruby grapefruit and the grand marnier enhances the colour and flavour of the oranges.
Although, on this one, I've just found out that he humoured me for years on the Santa Claus story, his dad having inadvertently told him the truth after a few too many creme de menthe shandies).
The new white chocolate product joins a lineup that includes candies in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate with a raspberry melt-away center, and milk chocolate with a creme de menthe melt-away center, which is available only during the holiday season.
Extracts of oils from species such as Mentha x piperita, the peppermint, are used in a wide variety of preparations, including mouth washes, cold remedies, perfumes, toiletries, cigarettes, confectionery, ice cream and even liqueurs such as creme de menthe.
Cherry and apricot brandy and creme de menthe are back on the supermarket shelves, with sales on the rise.
Time for another gimlet, I'm thinking, though it's true they're going down way too easy, what with all that creme de menthe, or whatever it is puts the gee whiz into that particular gin fizz.
For 32 people he'd use up 30 eKB yolks, two pints of syrup (made from lump sugar and water) and creme de menthe.
There's Cherry Brandy, Apricot Brandy, Curacao Triple Sec and Creme de Menthe, in 50cl traditional 19th century-style bottles.