creme de la creme

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the superlative or most preferable part of something

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Creme de la Creme is a privately held company, founded in Houston in l982 by Don and Roberta Babb.
Bartenders from all 32 branches of the restaurant chain entered the competition but only the creme de la creme have made it to the finals.
The four logos selected from Redbeard's collection feature a design for Creme de la Creme Catering Services based in Hollister, Calif.
50) are perfect for placing round the bath while you immerse yourself in bubbles from the Creme De La Creme Bathing Cream (pounds 16.
Downtown's answer to Midtown and the creme de la creme of Lower Manhattan office space, 32 Old Slip is quickly overcoming its vacancy woes.
It was crunch time for the creme de la creme of the Midlands' student chefs yesterday as they battled to be the Cook and Serve Team of the Year.
Well, if you're Michael Winner you throw a lavish party at your pounds 25-million mansion and invite the creme de la creme to consume the finest victuals known to man.
A few minor decor touches later, we see that this new beefy lure is attracting the creme de la creme of show biz.
Members of the press may request the names of the institutions classified Creme de la Creme by calling Brienne Jorgensen at 305-444-3125 or by FAXing 305-441-0691.
I am pleased to add the most luxurious cognac in the world to my repertoire, helping to expose consumers to what I consider to be the creme de la creme of fine cognacs.
The performers represent the creme de la creme of their fields, including the Lionheart vocal ensemble, the Handbell Ensemble Sonos and mezzo soprano Denyce Graves.
The willowy Irish actress displays a wonderful sense of fun frolicking with her impressionable young "gels" and is equally at home in the tragic moments when la creme de la creme turns sour.
Even while Schrager treaded water while working out formidable bank debt, the hotel enjoyed a mid-60's occupancy rate with what he calls "the creme de la creme," but also have the same kind of sensibilities.
Members of the press may request the names of the institutions in their area that made the Creme de la Creme list by calling 800-388-6686 or by faxing 305-441-0691.
According to Customer Inter@action Solutions' editor-in-chief, Rich Tehrani, "Each year, Customer Inter@action Solutions(R) magazine bestows the honor of Product of the Year on companies that demonstrate the creme de la creme of technological advancements and application refinements.