creme de fraise

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strawberry-flavored liqueur

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On the night, Zinc will also be launching its sexy new cocktail, Liquid Love - served in a martini glass it is a heady mix of vodka, creme de fraise, finely chopped strawberries and cream.
Ingredients: Absolute Kurrant vodka, Creme de Fraise, Creme de Framboise, Creme de Mure, dash of lime juice, one whole strawberry and three raspberries and blueberries.
Pour a measure of Southern Comfort, a measure of Midori and then a shot of yummy creme de fraise into a shaker filled with ice.
1oz white rum, 1oz creme de fraises (strawberry liqueur), 1oz lime juice, 1/2oz Gomme Syrup (a sugar solution made by stirring 2lb granulated sugar into 1pint of heated water), 6 fresh strawberries.