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baked custard topped with caramel

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Sam went for a slice of cheesecake, a strawberry puff pastry and what looked like creme caramel.
In order to capture the silky eggy quality of a creme caramel, Aizpitarte peeled the layers of the dish apart and reduced it to core elements, while also adding new touches of texture.
However, neither of us had any complaints about the creme caramel that came as my dessert: it was of perfect texture, had a wonderful, gentle flavour and was drenched in a terribly good caramel that balanced those all-important sweet and bitter notes.
Sprinkle some of the Hot Fudge Bath Salts into your tub and relax before stepping out and cocooning your body in the Creme Caramel Body Souffle.
Out of the three puds, our favourite was the traditional Brazilian caramel pudding, a cross between a cake and a creme caramel.
WPIC comes in four flavors: Cafe au Lait, Vanilla Fusion, Creme Caramel and Double Blend Mocha.
The buffet also includes, to name a few items, five types of pralines, two kinds of chocolate truffles, eclairs, a light and delicate chocolate mousse, classical creme caramel with chocolate, tiramisu, chocolate creme brulee, a chocolate moelleux (or soft lava cake) and a playful chocolate lollipop meant for kids or fun at all ages, seasonally adorned with a sugar flower.
Duck rillettes, moules marinires and foie gras are among the starters, duck confit and mushroom crepes among the mains, and you can follow them with a tarte tatin or creme caramel.
Spoon mix into two 125ml creme caramel moulds, refrigerate overnight.
s 4 She wrote her first cookery book after watching a dinner party hostess cry over an unset creme caramel.
The women's body wash scents feature Orange Ginger, Fresh Lavender, Coconut, and Vanilla Creme Caramel, while the men's product is available in a Sport or Ocean Scent.
The creme brulee, panna cotta and creme caramel have an rsp of [pounds sterling]2.
Flavors include Vanilla Fusion, Double Blend Mocha, Creme Caramel and Cafe au Lait.
In this space, he prepares everything himself, from the roti de porc to the creme caramel to the gesiers confits to the vegetable purees and sauces, all according to the French traditions that he learned in cooking for his siblings from the age of 12, and from working in the traiteur, followed by experimentation, self-education and constant reading of French culinary industry journals.
Byline: Seafood ceviche, and sweet creme caramel make this restaurant a place worth picking up your fork.