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custard sprinkled with sugar and broiled

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Winner Amelia Garbutt, of Salendine Nook High with her creme brulee with raspberry coulis and tulle stack
Creme Brulee Boudino--inspired by the popular dessert--features real caramel and vanilla with espresso and creamed milk, topped with caramel sauce and Caribou's signature salt/sugar blend.
The earliest known reference to creme brulee appears in a 1691 cookbook, Le Cuisinier Roial et Bourgeois, by French chef Francois Massialot.
The first seeds of discontent came when Ian made his "pomegranate two-ways" version of creme brulee.
Purnell's Bistro raspberry creme brulee (makes 6-8) INGREDIENTS 1pt double cream 1 vanilla pod 3oz caster sugar 10 egg yolks 1 punnet of raspberries METHOD 1 PRE-HEAT the oven to 150degC.
As big fans of a creme brulee, it didn't live up to our expectations, but perhaps it will teach us a lesson not to be so greedy next time.
Starter Ham hock terrine, with baby plum tomato relish and basil dressing MainCanon of lamb with dauphinoise potato, buttered spinach, beetroot puree and pinot noir jus Dessert Roasted rhubarb and ginger creme brulee with tuile biscuit
Experts say the single malt smells of newly-dug peat, burnt leather and oak and tastes of treacle toffee, creme brulee and toasted almonds.
DESSERTS SAINT: Nestle Creme Brulee, 305 cals per 100g SINNER: M&S Creme Brulee, 360 cals per 100g SAVING: 55 cals If eaten once a week for a year, you save 2860 cals SAINT: Chocolate Gateau, Asda,176 cals per 100g SINNER: Chocolate Layer Gateau, M&S, 323 cals per 100g SAVING: 147 cals If eaten once a week for a year, you save: 7644 cals SAINT: Fruit Cocktail in light syrup, Princes, 31 cals per 100g SINNER: Fruit Cocktail in syrup, Del Monte, 75 cals per 100g SAVING: 44 cals If eaten once a day for a year, you save 2288 cals
Today he is treating Birmingham Mail to his much-loved recipe for classic creme brulee.
Despite its popularity for years on restaurant menus, creme brulee continues to rank as one of the top desserts in this country.
To serve: On plate, unmold creme brulee and place in one corner.
The beer provides a robust flavor with hints of vanilla, which company officials say make it a perfect complement to dishes such as clam or corn chowder, pork roast with apple sauce, triple-cream brie or camembert cheeses and creme brulee.