creme anglais

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custard sauce flavored with vanilla or a liqueur

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Callum enjoyed his apple and berry crumble with jug of creme Anglais (pounds 5) - a mixture of bitter/sweet crumble and not too much following a good meal which left him replete and not stuffed
My deep-filled apple pie with butterscotch and creme anglais - all the way from Alabama don't you know - was heaven and the boyfriend did well with his pecan and maple syrup tart.
The deeply perfumed sorbet underscored the fruitiness of the dish and a mellow pool of creme Anglais laced with vanilla confirmed the excellent quality of this dessert.
Ginger cookies, apple cake with creme Anglais and ice cream were complemented by assorted Swedish chocolates.
Plenty of creamy, buttery, fleshy white fruits on the nose, with a little vanilla note adding an almost creme anglais element.
Lloyd said that as well as a practical cooking test - in which he made a salmon with nutmeg potato dish and an apple tarte tatin with creme Anglais - he had to complete a question and answer test about Le Cordon Bleu school.
John, who lives in Giggleswick, Yorkshire, also has his own band, Creme Anglais.
Even the French have to admit it came from abroad, calling it creme anglais.