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Tenders are invited for stonefall crematorium cremator replacement consultancy/project management
The services will also close for a week from Monday, November 6, as a necessary measure to replace flooring around the cremators and will restart from November 14.
We can easily manage to complete all cremations on the same day, although there are very rare occasions when failures to one or more cremators cause us to have to delay a cremation.
Liverpool council has been forced to build bigger cremators at Anfield and Springwood cemeteries.
The increase in fees at the crematoria and at cemeteries reflects the increased cost of building the replacement cremators and also maintaining the fabric of the cemeteries.
However, the Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) is exploring possibilities to set up a private cremator, but said it could prove to be unfeasible.
In future, we are planning to have at least three more cremators for the believers of the three religions," he said.
The council's head of environment John Bradbury said: "We are in the process of carrying out major and essential improvement works to the cremators at Pentre Bychan Crematorium.
Did he leave the cremators instructions to give him 15 minutes in the oven and turn him over half-way through?
Bereaved Coventry residents will be forced to travel outside of the city between June 2 and June 17 as contractors continue work to replace cremators.
Tomorrow sees the official sod cutting ceremony at Durham Crematorium after councillors approved environmentally friendly cremators alongside a mercury abatement plant at the site.
60 pounds-a-mile to transport coffins hundreds of miles to be dispatched in super size cremators because they did not fit in the local one.
Unfortunately, in particular circumstances, the cremators are unable to accommodate family requests for this service.
They are coldly and remorselessly executed by people who, only half a century ago, were considered by some of their most ardent supporters today to be a subhuman category whose rightful place lie in the barbaric gas chambers or the ghastly human cremators.
But Gaynor said no Birmingham crematorium could cremate her because her coffin was bigger than their cremators.