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Synonyms for crematorium

a mortuary where corpses are cremated

a furnace where a corpse can be burned and reduced to ashes

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But Gaynor said no Birmingham crematorium could cremate her because her coffin was bigger than their cremators.
Investigators believe the crematorium had stacked the corpses for up to 15 years.
Howard previously has denied that there has ever been an odor problem at the crematorium, but she said she would cooperate with AQMD investigators.
The crematorium can deal with hundreds of corpses,(2) but its nobility lies in its tenderness: its gentle conflation of archetypes of grove, tomb and cave.
00am for service followed by cremation at Durham Crematorium.
Speaking ahead of the last consultation, Councillor Mike Smith, Stockton Cabinet member for environment and housing, said: "A potential crematorium, built on the former Blakeston/North Shore Academy sports field site, would provide a key service for the residents of Stockton.
Cremation at Melrose Crematorium on Wednesday 12th August at 2pm.
The Cortege will leave McNulty Funeral Home, 25 New North Parade on Thursday, January 8th for Service and Cremation at Huddersfield Crematorium at 10.
Memoria Ltd currently run a crematorium in a rural area of Cardiff, which the St Asaph development would be similar to.
The crematorium plan comes a week after the Vale of Glamorgan council's planning committee rejected a scheme by Crematoria Management Ltd to build a crematorium, cemetery, gardens and remembrance book chapel on land the A48 near St Nicholas.
Vandals have caused pounds 20,000 damage to a Birmingham crematorium after targeting it five times in ten days.
A pounds 1 MILLION crematorium could be built in Rugby within the next two years.
OFFICIALS at Bridgend's Coychurch Crematorium are bringing in a series of new rules for visitors.
Air quality regulators Thursday cited Grand View Memorial Park for operating one of its crematorium ovens without a permit and will conduct tests next week in response to complaints from residents about a foul smell coming from the site.
Funeral service to take place at the West Road Crematorium on Tuesday 22nd November at 10.