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Synonyms for crematorium

a mortuary where corpses are cremated

a furnace where a corpse can be burned and reduced to ashes

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Mercia Crematoria Developments Ltd had submitted an application for a crematorium with associated landscaping, access and car park.
Mercia said that current cremator widths in the nearest crematoria at Durham and Darlington are 31 inches and 30 inches respectively, while in new Bishop Auckland building the width would be 43 inches.
So far this year we have had two cases where the choice of crematoria has been limited because of the size of the deceased.
People are currently waiting between 10 and 14 days to get into crematoria at Coychurch or Thornhill, which is unacceptable.
Crematoria are estimated to be responsible for up to 16 per cent of all UK emissions of mercury - caused by dental fillings.
Environmental standards at crematoria were soon to be tightened, creating a need for major works at Bangor.
From January 2013, the Government has asked all local authorities to reduce emissions of crematoria mercury from crematoriums by 50%.
Earlier this week, protesters said developers Mercia Crematoria should not get rich at the expense of the "special landscape.
The crematorium plan comes a week after the Vale of Glamorgan council's planning committee rejected a scheme by Crematoria Management Ltd to build a crematorium, cemetery, gardens and remembrance book chapel on land the A48 near St Nicholas.
The North's crematoria will have to take action to cut soaring pollution levels from metal fillings by half over the next seven years.
He said: 'I dread the summer nights as vandals seem to be attracted to our cemeteries and crematoria to carry out wanton vandalism.
By law crematoria must be fitted with filters to reduce toxic mercury emissions in 50% of cremations by the end of the year.
The Council naturally sympathises with the views of local people, but is confident that the availability of the crematoria at Saltwell Park and Mountsett will still provide accessible and appropriate facilities for the borough.
Crematoria Management wants to build the crematorium, cemetery, gardens and remembrance book chapel on land at the A48 near St Nicholas.
As with all crematoria services throughout the country, Liverpool's own Cemeteries & Crematoria Service has been looking at ways in which it can best accommodate the mercury abatement agenda, which will affect all crematoria in 2012.