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Bede, Teesside Cremator ium on Monday, March 23 at 1.
The latest instalment in the series, Morgiana, featuring Lubos Fiser's music, and The Cremator with Zdenek LiMca's score, are available either separately on vinyl or packaged together on a single CD.
We have considered bringing in a cremator to offer the service but the machine is very expensive and although I am not completely sure I have heard that the running cost is also expensive.
We are getting the first cremator valued at $29,000 from the US by next month.
Recently, the only cremator in use developed a technical fault and cremations booked into Pentrebychan were moved to other crematoria in the area while the repair took place.
Other families have been told that despite the wishes of their recently departed, they will have to be buried rather than cremated because they will not fit in the cremator.
There are strict rules to be adhered to re the time, date, duration, emissions, smoke levels, and temperatures in the different parts of the cremator.
Wolverhampton City Council is seeking to replace at least one cremator at Bushbury Crematorium with a larger version that can handle coffins up to 44 inches.
He said they'd cremated many large people after their local cremator wasn't big enough for supersized coffins to pass through the opening.
The home, East Harlem's New York Mortuary Service, promised Kittredge a box of ashes but said nothing of its bigger plans for her father, who would not make it to the cremator whole.
About 30 motorcyclists accompanied the hearse to the church and after the service they joined the cortege through Mr Hine's home village and on to the Carmounts ide Cremator um in Stoke-on-Trent.
A family that doesn't want to witness their dead calls a funeral director who'd just as soon not bother either, and he has a third-party cremator, and we find 300 bodies littering a 16-acre site because nobody's watching anyone, not the funeral directors, not the regulators, and not the families.
Funeral service to take place in Kirkleatham Cremator ium on Friday, January 2 at 10.
The crackdown follows fears the eco-caskets are causing damage in the cremator, with claims one recent seagrass cof-fin left a "sticky substance" behind.
A new pet cremator had been installed in Scotland which would mean less animals to cremate in the North East, they said.