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Marc Inman received a call from police in January saying that the cremated remains of his cousin Lawanda Williams, who died of a heart attack in 2016, had been confused with another person's ashes.
There were 31 incidents involving the disposal of bodies, including 25 bodies which were released to an undertaker by mistake, with nine buried or cremated by the wrong family.
The coffin did not enter any public area and was cremated in a separate, stand-by cremator, which was professionally cleaned afterwards.
According to The Sun, Brady asks in his will to be cremated to the sounds of Hector Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique, music which tells the story of a young artist who dreams of killing his beloved and is condemned to death.
Glasgow City Council have said they would refuse any request for Brady to be cremated in the area.
One of the main issues of concern raised at the parliamentary discussions on the issue was registering a preference to be cremated before a person died, and this condition has been reflected in the law.
Men are generally larger than women but we don't charge more for males to be cremated than females.
BEREAVED families of overweight people are being charged an extra PS200 to get them cremated.
Since 1963 the church has taught that Catholics can be cremated, abolishing its longstanding prohibition of the practice.
Heads of these villages have been asked to provide the list of those, who had died in the last six months to one year and later cremated at the ghat," he said, adding the samples of all such families would be taken and matched with those of the bodies.
The court cannot go into the question whether someone is in samadhi ( meditation) or how he will be cremated.
A LATVIAN man who is believed to have been beaten to death has been cremated and his ashes will be sent back home.
It has just been revealed that Robin's ashes have been scattered in the San Franciso Bay, but TMZ reports that Robin's body was actually cremated the day after he died, according to the official death certificate.
BOSTON -- An unlicensed funeral director accused of stealing more than $12,000 from an elderly couple could face more charges after authorities found 12 bodies and the cremated remains of more than 40 others in two self-storage units he rented, authorities said Friday.
However, the girl's body was taken away by the police who tried to have it cremated.