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The baba's body has been kept in a freezer since January this year with his followers refusing to cremate him saying that he is not dead but merely meditating.
The police took away the body forcefully and tried to cremate it but could not as the death certificate was with the girl's father.
Besides requesting the court to extend the deadline, the state has also sought court directions to cremate the baba, whose body has been kept Since the next day is the last day of the HC deadline to cremate the baba, the state fears that the congregation to indulge in violence.
The godman's alleged son also challenged the court's December 1 order which directed the Punjab government to cremate the frozen saint within 15 days, saying that the state government only has the right to cremate unclaimed bodies.
But we've had so much trouble that I just don't trust the authorities over there to cremate our son and send him to us.
Orthodox Jews and Muslims are bound by their religion to bury and not cremate their dead.
There is no excuse for using money intended for foster children to cremate one's father-in-law or to use those funds at Victoria's Secret,'' he said.
A woman was distraught after being told she could not cremate her 23-stone mother because her coffin was too large.
The Tongva decided to cremate the remains and return the ancestors to the ocean.
The court on Monday had asked the Punjab government to cremate Ashutosh Maharaj within 15 days as he was declared clinically dead.
Considering the average funeral these days only costs PS2000, I suggest we use that dosh to cremate her 5000 times.
Volunteers arranged to cremate the body in Bahrain, where they said he had no relatives or close friends.
If we couldn't cremate him or bury him then OK but to say we can have his ashes but not his body - I don't see the difference.
The bodies of Sohanlal and Venkataraju were kept in the hospital mortuary as their respective families wanted to cremate them on a later date.
The Chinese Embassy is now arranging legal formalities to cremate her body in Bahrain.