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the remains of a dead body after cremation

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Take Wing Air uses a specially modified twin engine plane that allows a loved one's ashes to be released through the bottom of the aircraft in a safe and dignified manner; the cremains will always drift down and away from the plane.
The remains of about 1,500 of those patients have since been claimed by family members, but two stories above the museum, the cremains of about 3,600 patients remain, the copper cans enclosed in black cases neatly lined on shelves in a room in the hospital's administrative offices.
By opting out of whole-body donation, the family also opts out of a low-cost option for disposition since the medical school pays the cost of cremating the donated body, with the family being responsible for the cost of transporting the body to the donation facility and sometimes a nominal fee for the cremains.
A plot at Foxfield Preserve is 10 by 20 feet and is suitable for interring one casket, one casket and one cremains, or two cremains.
Nickson donated his body to the University of Nevada School of Medicine and the cremains will be interred at Lone Mountain Cemetery in Carson City, Nevada.
Although most individuals will still have a funeral service and burial in only one place, individuals may choose to transport the body or cremains to another state.
Cremains, by contrast, "may be transported in this state in any manner, without any permit therefor, and may be disposed of in any manner desired, or directed by the decedent.
Bascombe and Sally journey to the Midwest to deposit her first husband's cremains with his parents, and then on to the Mayo Clinic for Frank's post-prostate-procedure checkup.
Sacred Stage: James Bilagody & the Cremains Catogory.
Members of USS Ronald Reagan's (CVN 76) honor guard salute the cremains of 12 veterans during a burial at sea in the Pacific Ocean.
The 25-person company has created two new spinoff divisions, Petra Natural Stone Keepsake Urns for the pet market, and Soul Stones for cremated human remains, better known in the industry vernacular as cremains.
There used to be more than 1,600,'' cremains in a year, said Craig Harvey, spokesman for the Department of Coroners.
Six Feet Under has been praised as an unabashed portrait of the "death industry," covering the rituals of embalming and the benefits of cremains.
She was crossing the country with her mother's cremains in an urn.