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feelings of dislike and anxiety

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Place them on your window sills, on top of bookcases, or in any other small spaces that may appeal to those creepy-crawlies.
Youngsters really enjoy studying creepy-crawlies as I witnessed at the recent Sea2Shore festival in Aberystwyth when Eifion Davies, fishery officer with Natural Resources Wales brought along a tray of river water with a variety of creepy-crawlies moving along the bottom.
Dr Adam Hart, a reader in science communication at the University of Gloucestershire, said small children are happy to handle creepy-crawlies in the garden and find them fascinating, but become scared of them, as they get older.
Fisher about Creepy-Crawlies is a children's picturebook filled with educational fun facts all about bugs and other little critters, from honeybees to spiders and much more.
Pupils from Brook Primary School, Wordsley, sampled forgotten foods and encountered creepy-crawlies and horrid diseases from the bygone era as part of a history initiative.
Wrexham Library Service is offering two-six-year-olds the chance to get close to a range of creepy-crawlies including stick insects, toads, rats, snakes, scorpions and cockroaches.
This incredible invention is the easiest and friendliest way to deal with spiders, cockroaches and all of the other lovely creepy-crawlies that live with us.
But insect eaters beware: Not all creepy-crawlies are safe to munch on.
Natalie only managed to get two stars in her live trial last night, which involved being suspended above various boxes filled with creepy-crawlies and putrid slime.
But the days of plain pumpkins propped up on the porch and creepy-crawlies hanging from the trees are long gone as Halloween decorating has evolved into high-tech horror.
I admit I am frightened of creepy-crawlies, too, but it is ruining his holiday.
Enter the extraordinary empire of creepy-crawlies in Bugs, a new book in the DK Eye Wonder series, complete with cool, upclose photos that allow you a peek at the inner world of bugs in their natural setting.
London Zoo is to spread the message that creepy-crawlies are cuddly too.
Insects and many other creepy-crawlies wear their skeletons on the outside.