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a disease of cattle and sheep attributed to a dietary deficiency

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a feeling of fear and revulsion

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Spooktacular Creeps is a really fun and addicting puzzler and I'm sure it will find popularity in the hearts of both avid puzzle fans and monster lovers alike," says Ben.
org) in June published a position paper outlining limits of temperature, humidity and gaseous contamination in data centers and telecommunication rooms to avoid creep corrosion on printed circuit boards.
The effect of elevated stress is therefore to increase molecular mobility so that the polymer creeps faster.
2 : a small bird that creeps about trees and bushes in search of insects
Figures 15 and 16 correlate the two creeps in the following equations:
Also, if your bowstring creeps you'll gain both draw length and draw weight.
The exterior exudes darkness, with crows nesting in a noose and a large black mourning banner draped in front of the house, while the foyer and grand dining room feature wall-to-wall creeps and sinister portraits - reproductions of the framed portraits featured in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.
What she does get is a series of flings with good-looking creeps, all of which end in breakups that increasingly take on the character of car accidents.
3) The TDlinx database, which is updated monthly but not designed as a precise numerical tracking tool, suggests that little will change as concentration creeps up.
Mechanical preconditioning preceding the series of short-term creeps consisted in applying a stress (for 100 min) equal to or higher than the highest stress applied in the series of creep measurements.
If you insist on using a string material that creeps, you can reduce problems by adding more strands.
On the other hand, during long-term tests, the material can suffer physical aging while the material creeps.
Campaigns that consider most citizens as creeps to be kept out of decisions, and which therefore allow a small fraction of citizens to determine the outcome, are just as far from doing the will of 55 percent of a community as from doing the will of a majority.
This downward trend implies that the honeycomb core creeps a relatively greater amount earlier in the post-cure for high hold temperatures when compared with lower hold temperatures.
Perhaps the creeps who climbed onto the roof of the church to steal it from its carriage would like to hear the story because the congregation certainly wants to tell it.