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a slow mode of locomotion on hands and knees or dragging the body

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It must be very humiliating to be caught creeping by daylight!
I have watched her sometimes away off in the open country, creeping as fast as a cloud shadow in a high wind.
I don't like to LOOK out of the windows even--there are so many of those creeping women, and they creep so fast.
I kept on creeping just the same, but I looked at him over my shoulder.
No consistent conidia length differences were detected between isolates from annual bluegrass and creeping bentgrass in this study.
In creeping the Nomex web, it is easier to deform the HRH-10-1/8 Nomex webbing material at or above the glass transition temperature of the Nomex paper, which is 275 [degrees] C (12).
Let's face it, both Gore and Bush embrace the doctrine of creeping socialism.
In order to be able to predict long term behavior of creeping polymers, it is necessary to establish accurate mechanical models taking into account not only creep but also recovery.
The creeping dictatorship that the Catholic hierarchy fears is a far-fetched idea,' he added.
Al-Youm newspaper commented on terrorism in Europe, reminding that late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz warned of the creeping of terrorism phenomenon into the European continent and all over the world and demanded that the entire international community to unite its efforts to contain this terrorist octopus creeping into every a place of the world.
C] of creep between PU and EPI adhesives' bonds versus the minimally creeping bond lines of matched specimens glued with a reference PRF adhesive.
What is this creeping weed in my lawn with small blue flowers and small round leaves?
During the summer months, creeping bentgrass on golf courses loses out to other species and is often attacked by fungus.
3 : to grow or spread along the ground or along a surface <Ivy was creeping up a wall.
Jangle Jangle Jangle I'm a bangle-holding stand / Nosy nosy nosy I'm a posy, I smell grand / Faster Faster Faster I'm a rooster, I can fly / Creeping creeping creeping I am peeping, I'm a spy"