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an uneasy sensation as of insects creeping on your skin

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In a nutshell: An odd mixture of quirk and creepiness.
The work has a Martha Clarke, nightmarish creepiness to it; big quartets and quintets shake open the stage like cloudbursts.
In fact, Wired Magazine described the project as having a 'David Lynch-style of creepiness.
IT'S hard to keep the tension at a peak over three nights, but The Enfield Haunting (Sky Living, Sun) paced its creepiness perfectly.
Alas, despite the pervasive and disturbing creepiness, it ultimately unravels in boogeyman superstition.
But with the increased news coverage they've received of late in Phoenix, we thought we might shed a little light on why you should be worried, above and beyond the creepiness factor.
Inside No 9 BBC2, 10pm More creepiness from Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith.
But to us, the ads are reaching the point not just of annoyance, but distraction, even creepiness.
The video for Specialsesque new single Fortune Teller (starring a particularly scary circus clown) sees them treading the line between dark creepiness and cheesy entertainment that has always been their calling card.
The trouble with The Oranges - the name of the characters' New Jersey municipality - is that the unsettling romance is treated as a lighter-than-air comedy, complete with a perky score and the sense that nobody's bothered about the creepiness unfolding on their doorsteps.
Despite the inherent creepiness, there's some smart patter and laughs before silliness drags it under.
I think I could have watched it 1,000 times without being much the wiser but the film on the dish features some wonderful insects and there's a creepiness about the whole thing which is quite affecting.
In this show, one of those works to be found on the plus side of the "Lens Paintings," The Illusionist, 2007, invokes a congested Austro-Hungarian creepiness replete with seances, charlatans, and ectoplasmic photography (recalling the 2006 film of the same name that starred Edward Norton).
It comes after an application was launched on the social networking site Facebook which allows users to send e-cards with greetings such as "I think in time your creepiness will become endearing" and "I liked you from the moment I heard you were desperate".
Played with unalloyed creepiness yet effective poignancy by Jackie Earle Haley (last seen by most as a kid in the original ``Bad News Bears'' and ``Breaking Away''), just-paroled Ronnie McGorvey lives with his fiercely protective mom, May (a great Phyllis Somerville).