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enter surreptitiously


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This is in accordance with the nonexistence of this creep in semicrystalline polymers.
At cyclic RH levels and a constant temperature, both final creep deflection and relative creep in southern pine PSL were smaller than those in yellow-poplar PSL (Table 3), also revealing southern pine PSL has better creep resistance than yellow-poplar PSL.
t-Tests showed that the average final creep deflection and relative creep in PSL at 95 percent RH were significantly greater than those at 65 percent RH.
From an experimental point of view, Aldrete [7] measured local stresses in the sub-grain structure formed during steady state creep in Cu-16 at.
8] When a part is subject to creep in both flow and transverse directions, long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics offer more uniform deformation than the short-fiber analogs.
New data on creep in nuclear and power plant components
Effect of Creep in Advanced Materials for Use in Ultrasupercritical
It is also clear from the results that the CP laminates show higher creep strain than the UD ones at all the temperatures indicating higher resistance to creep in the case of later.
Before last season's game I would have said there was no doubt about it, but a little bit has started to creep in as a result of that defeat.
Sean Dodd floated in a free-kick from the right hand side and not one of the seven home defenders saw Ian Williams creep in around the back to fire the ball home with the simplest of tap-ins.