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a wicker basket used by anglers to hold fish

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Stowing the spare creels behind the shooting guide prevented the crew from using this space as a safe area.
The need to clear the creels that often jammed in the narrow stern increased the risks to the crew.
But it was already dead by the time the rescue team arrived and they could only cut it from the creels.
Creels are a major source of lint generation, particularly during cone unwinding and there is a tendency for lint to be shed at points, where the yarn touches any part of the tubes conveying the yarn to the knitting machine.
Other solution include filter creels, in which creels are encased in an enclosure through which air flow is created.
Last week a 19th Century leather pot-bellied fishing creel, or fish basket, made a record amount at auction.
THIS creel has a white painted interior and a brass hinged leather lid embossed with a sunburst pattern.
Also pultrusion dies (including injection type), fiber creels, forming guides, resin baths, overwinding stations, mat slitters, flying cutoff saws, drill stations and notchers, roll-off tables, routers, trimmers, and other auxiliaries.
Standard machine includes 20-strand E-Glass delivery system with creel rack.
Steel cord handling and creel loading, steel cord organizing and payout of cord to the calendar under constant tension are primary processes in tire building.
There have been many approaches to spool handling, such as special fixturing to enable loading of a multiplicity of spools onto the creel spindle.
Father-of-two Robbie, of Sanday, Orkney, had bought the creel boat weeks earlier and had used it only once before.
More than 200 creels worth more than pounds 5,000 were stolen, along with other gear, from Loch Kishorn.
Neighbour Derek Naughton, who found Sam, said: "I couldn't see the cat but could hear it and started grabbing the creels and eventually found Sam in one near the bottom.
System includes roving racks and mat creels, resin bath with resin recirculation, and die station with hydraulic lift table that provides die/puller alignment at the touch of a button.