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a wicker basket used by anglers to hold fish

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District Judge Stephen Friot said that Creel should consider sterilization after she failed to show up to sentencing hearings because she was in jail or undergoing drug tests.
Creel is a privately-owned offset and digital printing company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
17 August 2017 - Chicago, US-based printing services and office products provider LSC Communications (NYSE: LKSD) has closed the acquisition of Nevada, US-based printing company Creel Printing to expand digital production, the company said.
I'm pleased to welcome Michael Creel to the Suncor board of directors," said Suncor board chair, Jim Simpson.
16] strongly advocated for the evaluation of creel surveys to ensure the accuracy of the data collected.
Coastguard chiefs said a 26ft creel boat was found on the bottom yesterday, and an underwater camera would be used to examine the wreck.
Add in the fact the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has created a healthcare reform-mandated program that will penalize patient care organizations for hospital-acquired infections, and the implementation of this RFTD system made sense for Creel and company.
The third book in the series about the redoubtable Creel and her embroideries and adventures, this will appeal to keen younger readers of Tamora Pierce.
com to create a dynamic and vivid online presentation for her Creel Cat Litter Box concept.
Luego de una brusca reaccion de Santiago Creel y otra mas moderada de Josefina Vasquez Mota para rechazar la Jornada Indicativa, un mecanismo concebido por Felipe Calderon para determinar la fuerza de los tres precandidatos panistas a la Presidencia de la Republica, el PAN decidio no aplicar ese instrumento.
Santiago Creel, buscando por segunda ocasion esa nominacion, diferenciando su estrategia por no cazar duelos a diestra y siniestra.
En este laberinto azul, Santiago Creel se ve impactado mediaticamente por el ataque al Casino Royale en Monterrey, y la ciudadania le reprocha en redes sociales su visto bueno a los centros de apuestas durante su gestion como secretario de Gobernacion (2000-2005).
In a report, published last week, they said: "The owner of the Blue Angel is recommended to improve the creel self-shooting system used on board to ensure the crew are safely separated from the back rope during shooting operations.
John Creel, former president and chief operating officer of the consumer division of Nice-Pak Products Inc.