creek bed

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a channel occupied (or formerly occupied) by a stream


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EXPERT INPUT: "A dry creek bed can work well to control erosion," says landscape architect Susan Jacobson, "if there's a place for the water to go such as a sandy area somewhere else on your property.
The EPA crew dug into the creek bed to try to determine the depth of the tailings.
Girdwood's Hidden Creek Bed and Breakfast is just one of the newer Girdwood getaways, combining rustic outdoor adventure with pure luxury.
The combination of the dry creek Bed and the rain garden would slow the velocity of the rainwater and allow the stormwater to Be infiltrated Back into the ground.
down to the dry creek bed that separated farmland from the woods.
Police did not notice any markings on the bus, which suffered extensive damage after coming to rest in a creek bed.
Since Miller met his end in a creek bed shortly before the Court's ruling was published, the trial was never held.
The aircraft was destroyed in a post-crash fire, and its commercial pilot and two passengers were fatally injured at 1315 Central time when the helicopter collided with trees and terrain after takeoff from a creek bed.
The litter, uncovered by the rain, is from squatters who for some 30 years settled in the canyon and buried their trash along the creek bed, now a focal point in a wilderness preserve, said Diane Erskine-Hellrigel of the Santa Clarita Community Hiking Club.
An adjacent creek bed that extended 30 feet below the normal surface level of the site provided an opportunity for soil creep because of the lack of soil retention along the creek bank area.
His lawsuit read: "While finding a place to relieve himself, plaintiff walked off the unguarded and unprotected cliff falling approximately 20 to 30 feet to the creek bed below.
Like salmon returning to spawn in the same creek bed in which they were hatched, an inner compass guides the emperors to the same mating place where they were conceived and born.
Just build a dry creek bed that looks as though a rushing stream deposited the stones and settled them in.
39-carat gem quality diamond from a creek bed in 2003.