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of or relating to a creed


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ENDA may be coming at a time of creedal exhaustion--or at least
Politicians and journalists, Republicans and Democrats alike, invoke it as a creedal affirmation endorsing a range of American domestic and foreign policy agendas.
All of these contributed to the rearrangement of Christianity into a creedal, belief-oriented religion that asserted the divinity of Jesus and correspondingly lost sight of the "existential spiritual legacy of the Jewish Jesus" (234).
Halverson describes the "flawed narrative" as stating that "the 'triumph' of Ash'arism in Sunni Islam" imposed "anti-rational authoritarian control over the shareah" and erroneously identified Ash'atism with creedal literalism" (p.
That is to say, Bultmann championed the idea that Church dogma and creedal statements should not influence how one studies and interprets the New Testament; instead, he advocated "demythologizing" biblical language.
It strikes me as necessary to understand, precisely at this point, an affirmation of the creedal doctrine of the two natures of Jesus.
This idea about religion is itself the inheritance of a certain type of creedal Protestantism.
Of course philosophy is often like that, and Johnston isn't offering his proposals as candidates for creedal status.
The field of spirituality is similar to that of psychology in that it provides a rich resource for understanding the universal workings of the human personality (in this regard person's relationship to the transcendent), independent of any creedal or philosophical belief system.
There are two weaknesses: he presents Athanasius almost completely in terms of the fight with Arianism rather than as a theologian in his own right; and this book is wholly predictable in terms of its bias toward creedal orthodoxy.
This means that, looking forward, he sees the essence of conservatism as mostly creedal, not as formed by bonds of consanguinity, shared memory and a long-developed value consensus.
Similarly, a belief that other individuals should be free to pursue their own lifestyles according to their own beliefs and values, the keystone of liberal domestic-policy noninterventionism, necessarily implies their being free to pursue "multicultural" values that may be at odds with America's creedal freedoms, including the freedoms of expression, association, physical well-being, choice of mate, the determination of one's occupation, and even the selection of one's clothing.
Shakespeare of course is never explicitly creedal or theological, but most of his characters with whom we can identify express some cognizance of the divine as impinging upon their worlds.
In response to the ethics of the Enlightenment, Yoder critiques violence by using classical creedal formulations and by reviving and reinvigorating Protestant iconoclasm.
To consider these elements, in addition to practices and writings, is, to use the editor's words, to 'look for religion along broader avenues than creedal utterances'.