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Synonyms for credulousness

tendency to believe too readily and therefore to be easily deceived

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And though that was the most extreme example of the extraordinary credulousness with which Matthews treated Castro's claims, it is by no means the only one.
For sheer credulousness, then, Lee Siegel deserves some sort of recognition.
Beisner said he has problems with the credulousness of many environmental writers.
There was obviously great potential for fraud in all of this, and people today often wonder at the credulousness of the medieval Christians, who seemed all too eager to believe that a newly arrived piece of bone came from a saint.
The work celebrates modern rationalism and tries to account for the credulousness of older cultures.
The photograph of the brothers brings to a close the short central part of the book, in which the nostalgic, idyllic tone of the opening section is jarred by errors of fact, John's apparent credulousness about his brother's life away from Oxford, and a growing undercurrent of competition and conflict between the two.
As we have seen, Iago is able to change a person's chief attributes - Desdemona's goodness and innocence, Othello's singleness and credulousness -- into evil.
He notes the current rise of superstition and credulousness, ranging from the growth in creationist beliefs through to the more far out statements made by the `postmodernists' about science.
The large numbers of newly medicated children reflect the credulousness of parents mystified by the medicalizing of their offspring's misbehavior and/or inattention.
The credulousness of 50- and 60-year-olds today, conditioned by the zeitgeist to see the American procession as shaped by the crafts and wiles of dead, slave-owning, probably wife-beating patriarchs
But the novel is] meant to remind us of the dangers of complacency and credulousness.
In Vietnamese hands, the clear-eyed skepticism turned into willing credulousness.
The Flickering Mind uncovers the waste and credulousness, but what should replace digital learning isn't so clear.