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He only feels confident that you will do it," said Dorothea, in a voice as clear and unhesitating as that of a young chorister chanting a credo, "because you mean to enter Parliament as a member who cares for the improvement of the people, and one of the first things to be made better is the state of the land and the laborers.
The HR professional can help others realize the likely consequence of different credos upon policies, programs, procedures, and practices.
An explicit human resources credo clarifies the meaning of people to the enterprise within its mission and vision.
Robert Wood Johnson, the company leader for 50 years, wrote a credo in the mid-1940s that outlined the corporation's beliefs and responsibilities (the entire credo can be found on its Web site, www.
The Pride, Mentor and Sportage will be joined by the Credos saloon (left) and, later, a sports rag-top and MPV.