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having an acceptable credit rating


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The Board, nevertheless, is concerned when the record of an institution indicates disparities in lending and believes that all banks are obligated to ensure that their lending practices are based on criteria that ensure not only safe and sound lending, but also equal access to credit by creditworthy applicants regardless of race or income level.
And the large merged banks are lending less even to creditworthy borrowers, due to regulatory limitations on the loans that can be allocated to a single borrower.
The Peracchi decision now allows certain creditworthy S corporation shareholders to get additional basis in their S stock simply by issuing an unsecured promissory note to the corporation.
Combined Company Will Expand Residential Mortgage Lending to Creditworthy Borrowers Locked out of the Market
With our $35,000 loans, it's easy for creditworthy borrowers who want to make home improvements, like adding solar panels or a swimming pool, to fund their projects with a fixed-rate personal loan through Lending Club.
At this critical time, it is imperative that all banking organizations and their regulators work together to ensure that the needs of creditworthy borrowers are met.
With 335 buildings and more than 32,000 units participating in the Insurent Program, Insurent has gained a reputation as a top resource for owners who seek to close leases quickly with creditworthy parties, and to attract additional creditworthy renters to their respective properties.
This review produced a number of measures aimed at removing impediments that might stand in the way of lending to creditworthy borrowers.
Wells Fargo Bank, a $51 billion commercial bank, has put $1 billion into a loan fund and teamed up with the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) to hunt for creditworthy female entrepreneurs.
And only those carriers with the very highest ratings and creditworthy characteristics are benefiting from the flight to quality.
A national survey of 311 community banks conducted by the American Institute of CPAs private companies practice section has found 60% are applying more stringent lending standards than one year ago and 9% are turning away creditworthy borrowers.
A new VantageScore Solutions study reveals there are more than 60 million creditworthy borrowers in the U.
The property is leased to two creditworthy tenants: Northrop Grumman, a global defense company; and Unisys, a multinational information technology company.
Throughout the entire energy crisis, Edison has had just one goal: to become creditworthy again so that the State of California could get out of the electricity-buying business and Edison employees could get back to what they do best -- provide safe, secure power to Edison customers.
On March 10, the President announced that all of the banking regulatory agencies will, over the next few months, take actions in five areas to promote greater availability of credit to creditworthy borrowers.