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trustworthiness with money as based on a person's credit history

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The World Bank, in partnership with the Public A[degrees]Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) and other development partners, launched the City Creditworthiness Initiative in 2014 to help up to 300 cities enhance their creditworthiness and develop more attractive and climateA[degrees]smart opportunities for investors.
If the creditworthiness categories of many borrowers are downgraded, it would hammer banks' profitability by obliging them to put up much more loan-loss provisions than they initially planned.
If the creditworthiness categories of many borrowers are downgraded as a result of the planned FSA check, it would hammer the banks' profitability by obliging them to put up much more loan-loss provisions than they initially planned.
Any further unwinding of the commitment to sound macro policies in the coming years would result in a deterioration in sovereign creditworthiness.
However, going forward Fitch will monitor any broader impact on the banking system that could affect the sovereign's creditworthiness.
And that is the only way for Brazil to experience marked improvement in sovereign creditworthiness.
It allows credit grantors to evaluate consumer creditworthiness with significantly greater precision, and consumers will be able to more readily understand their credit scores and the factors that determine them.
A sharp reversal in global risk appetite could also have adverse effects on Colombia's creditworthiness because of its higher than average external financing requirements.
In Fitch's view, sovereign creditworthiness would be enhanced by measures taken to boost non-oil tax intake, which would allow the government to maintain spending when oil prices drop.
Most public and external debt ratios are still generally above peers, though, so Fitch's assessment that Colombia's creditworthiness is trending toward 'BB+' therefore rests on a superior qualitative assessment of debt tolerance and credibility.
Although GDP and export growth have already begun to decelerate, growth remains robust by Latin American standards and continues to support Peru's sovereign creditworthiness, which should provide a sufficient buffer to deal with possible adverse shocks over the near term, whether election-related or externally driven.
25% of GDP primary budget surplus target, in spite of Finance Minister Antonio Palocci's stepping down, will be important to ensuring that fiscal restraint continues in Brazil, one of the cornerstones of improvements in sovereign creditworthiness in recent years, according to Fitch Ratings.
Harting, 'Chile's sound policy framework and institutional integrity position it well to continue along a path of steady economic growth and gradually improving creditworthiness.
CIT Bank determines creditworthiness, APR, credit limit, and eligibility for promotional offers.
Fitch expects that a return to normal hydro conditions would facilitate recovery of deferred energy costs and improve its capital structure and creditworthiness in the long term.