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a system for allowing people to purchase things on credit

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Together, the banks and associations of the Farm Credit System function as the largest source of credit for American agriculture, accounting for an estimated 40 percent of all ag lending nationwide.
As FCA chairman, Spearman will be responsible for policymaking, adopting regulations and overseeing the examination and regulation of the institutions constituting the Farm Credit System (FCS), including the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation.
The Farm Credit Council was established in 1983 by the leadership of the Farm Credit System to ensure that Farm Credit institutions have an advocate for their interests before Congress and federal agencies.
Ministers from all the States endorsed the Credit Framework for Skills and the new Choice Based Credit System Guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission recently.
She said: "The universal credit system discriminates against women.
Mr Duncan Smith is softening up voters for his idea to roll tax credits into his new Universal Credit system.
US-based Farm Credit System, a lender to farmers and rural communities, is expecting that it will not be placed under the remit of the Dodd-Frank rule.
Mr Taylor said that the pair found that the tax credit system was "particularly easy to cheat".
Is this the same pension credit system that the government will cut by 75% in October 2008?
The present operation of the tax credit system is an example of how big governments can be intrusive and it will not in the end deliver the policy objective.
Shadow Chancellor George Osborne has called for an investigation into the entire tax credit system in the wake of the revelations.
Were it not for the credit system, people could not get into debt in the first place.
The Farm Credit System (FCS) celebrates its 90th anniversary of service.
But today's report by the Ombudsman, Ann Abraham, makes a stinging attack on the tax credit system, warning it had potentially 'harsh and unfair consequences' for the vulnerable.
Because of layers of limitations and adjustments made over the decades since its adoption, the present foreign tax credit system fails to eliminate double taxation in a number of circumstances.