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a system for allowing people to purchase things on credit

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Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman said: "The universal credit system is fundamentally flawed and causing unnecessary hardship and suffering.
Issues like promotion and appointment of teachers, decision on reservation policy, confusion over new grading policy under Choicebased credit system ( CBCS) have been put in front of him.
He disclosed that the accounts of pensioners would soon be attached with direct credit system after which pension money will directly be credited to pensioner's account on due date.
The Farm Credit Council was established in 1983 by the leadership of the Farm Credit System to ensure that Farm Credit institutions have an advocate for their interests before Congress and federal agencies.
Ministers from all the States endorsed the Credit Framework for Skills and the new Choice Based Credit System Guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission recently.
5 August 2014 -- New York-based The Farm Credit System has reported combined net income of USD 1.
The vote comes just a month after the Independent Bankers asked FCA to explain how one Farm Credit System member was granted permission to help finance Verizon Communication's deal to buy out Vodafone's share of their joint Verizon Wireless venture.
Mr Duncan Smith is softening up voters for his idea to roll tax credits into his new Universal Credit system.
The errors occur because HMRC's tax credit system doesn't differentiate between the two and that is almost never explained to those claiming the allowance," he said.
A DALTON mum has launched an online petition calling for an overhaul of the child tax credit system after she was overpaid pounds 1,500 which she must now pay back.
It is especially worrying that, according to the charity, the new Universal Credit system will see 51,000 single parents in the North East alone lose as much as pounds 61 per week or pounds 3,500 per year.
Both deny nine charges including defrauding the tax credit system and registering false companies in order to submit a fraudulent claim for a VAT refund of pounds 161m in 2008.
Much of this debt was provided by the Farm Credit System, individuals selling land on contract and commercial banks.
One of the changes introduced in this new scenario is curriculum flexibility and the credit system is one of the main tools for developing that process.
FOLLOWING the debacle that was the ending of the 10p tax rate, the prime minister announced that the losers would be compensated through, among other things, the pension credit system.