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They saw no company who understood and advised wealthy individuals properly and holistically with respect to the credit side of their balance sheet.
A new white paper offered by Card Services for Credit Unions urges CUs to review the way they process debit and credit card transactions with an eye toward both reducing costs on the debit side and increasing revenue on the credit side.
They felt like there was no one who actually understood and advised wealthy individuals properly with respect to the credit side of their balance sheet.
On the credit side Matt Cook made his debut on the wing for the Blues and was handed one of the man of the match awards by the sponsors.
On the Government's credit side, media reports say that savings to the tune of a million leva have been made, on everything from stationery to toilet paper and, for the first time, putting up an artificial Christmas tree outside the Cabinet office.
Kari said, "Though we are encouraged by signs of modest stabilization in some trends on the credit side of our single-family business, given the many uncertainties in the economy, we remain cautious.
On the credit side, the stalemate means Swansea's defence have now kept eight clean sheets.
Profits at the home credit side of the business rose 3.
Also on the credit side - surprisingly so, given the performance stats - is the economy from the 3.
On the credit side, huge numbers of us have seen the light and find a way to keep fit by working in gardens and allotments, visiting a gym regularly or going for a run.
Finally, we'll look at existing assets that are distressed on the borrower or credit side.
On the credit side, Jade's media circus has raised the profile of cancer and for a time it could save lives.
We've been trying to be as open on the credit side of things as possible and are willing to work with our dealers.
Government needs to be supportive on the credit side.
On the credit side they still has a number of fixtures against fellow struggling teams.